Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Casino not royal

Warning - spoiler ahead!

Besides the white horse galloping down a stretch of sandy beach, the very slick baddie at the start who could move almost as fast as Jackie Chan and Craig's ice blues, I found Casino Royale hardly as gripping as previous, nail biting, what ifs, James Bond films. The car was a Ford (what's going on there???) and although I silently went "Noooooo..." when it spun on its own axis, Bond driving a Ford is like Prince Charming riding a Shire (Maybe that's a tad unfair as Ford has undergone a huge makeover and actually looks quite sleek now but it's the principle behind the car). In my case however, any horse will do. He could be James Bond, Blunt or Bun... hehehe. I made a mental note to get my man's suit tailored if he ever did have to look like he was betting 10 million squid (there was something about the way the lapels smoothed into the tux that made me smile - the tux itself looked like chiffon should float on it) and Craig was certainly put in more believable circumstances than the previous 5 Bonds - I could only wince and wonder what guys thought of the literally, ball-breaking scenes. Thankfully, in all his cheesy-beachy shots, Craig was nowhere nearly as hairy as Pierce Brosnan or smarmy as Roger Moore. I think Pierce is fantabulous but personally, too much hair dude. I had to get used to the whole blonde Bond idea but Craig's intensity as far as a person can be intense in a Bond film can go, which emerged at various points, sidelined the importance of the colour of his hair. The muscles above my left eyebrow worked overtime throughout the film whenever James Bond fell totally out of character such as handing in a resignation letter to spend his days with a seemingly perfect woman on a yatch and displaying actual fondness and adoration for the object or should I say subject, of his gaze, instead of simply being the womaniser we all know him for. The end tied things up nicely with reagrds to why James Bond goes on being the person we know him to be although we aren't quite allowed to see what happens to Mr White. As a character study, Casino Royale, has provided many 'insights' to Mr Bond but as a Bond movie, it did not quite impress an impressive impression on me. Except maybe, that now I know there are stirrups I can use to ride horses on the beach without needing footwear and that Daniel Craig's eyes currently head the list should I ever be asked the question which actor's eyes do you like the most?

Application time. Unfortunately, if a James Bond type did feature in my social circle (and I mean a true blue James Bond type, not guys with wishful thinking), I would probably go ga-ga over him, whilst at the same time battling an internal monologue of pros and cons. As much as I claim to be pessimistic, I suppose there's always the chick-flick hope of bad boy come good. But maybe the best thing I can do is walk away.

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sydney said...

your spoilers not accurate one! =( I told my friends the car was ford. turns out its chrysler or smtg like that. make me lose face!