Monday, November 20, 2006


Narrator's voice: This is a story of three little boys. Their names were Tim-tims, Chrissy and Marky. They lived at the bottom of a well.

"What did they live on?"

They lived on treacle.

"But why did they live at the bottom of the well?"

(ignoring annoying voice that is asking too many questions the narrator can't answer) And so, these three little boys were trying to draw...

"What were they trying to draw?"


"Where did they draw the treacle from?"

Insert Mad Hatter: You can draw water from a water well, so why can't you draw treacle from a treacle well?

Yes, my name may not be Alice but often times, I believe I live in her world. I would even take advice advice from a caterpillar if I ever stopped to listen to one...

So, life is nicely turning the right way up again. I am managing to get more sleep (hurrah!!!), have bought more Christmas cards and am eating well (always a good sign). I'll be flying home to see my folks for a 9-day break over Christmas hols and that's something to look forward too. Even more so, my (even more brief) stay in London; I'm trying to stretch it to accomodate 2 weekends. In the midst of pondering the wonders of fried rice, oyster pancakes and crispy noodles (can you tell it's almost dinner time?) I think life is good. There are days when my heart feels like it has shattered into a million pieces, my legs are cramped and my head feels like a mallet is pounding it but hey, when daybreak comes, after a good night's sleep, I find my worries are secure in Christ, I can still walk and am still blessed with coherent thought. There are always two roads diverged in a yellow wood (or so says Robert Frost) and we can either choose to be more and more cynical and upset at the world, which strangely enough, makes us more and more hubristic because then the world revolves around us or we can take the road less travelled on and see where that takes us.

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