Saturday, November 25, 2006

Scary blogging

I feel like a spy. I have at least another week to wait before Internet connection is up and running at my place so am in an Internet cafe once again. Instead of going to my usual place in Bangsar, I decided to browse round Brickfields since I needed somewhere more 'central' than Megamall. Whilst strategically fairly central, the need to use a bus to get there makes it a slightly less attractive prospective, especially for someone who does not have much time on her hands. this place in Brickfields is scary but I'm determined to get my money's worth - consider it a Chinese thing. People are gaming and making scary boom-boom machine gun noises, the place smells like somewhere the police might want to reasonably look into and the dodgy lighting makes me feel like I'm a Soviet spy although I've neither ever met a soviet spy nor been to the Soviet Union. I studied Soviet Law though. Does that count? Anyway, being the boring Saturday afternoon that it is, a bit of imagination was thrown in to make my life not so mundane.

I was just on MSN but no one else was on. Strange. And then I remembered the time difference between here and England; it's 9am there. My MSN pals are probably asleep after being online til 4 in the morning. We are the nocturnals that wander the corridors of cyberspace. I've got a 'party/dinner' thing tonight. Actually locals call it pot-bless/luck but SMACC calls it SMACC team. I still don't know what to bring... my diet the last 4 days have comprised coke and mushrooms. How dodgy does that sound??!!!?? But they're NOT magic mushrooms and cocain rather coka-cola with extra sugar (is that possible?) and straw mushrooms stir fried with more freind onions. I think my insides could look like a war zone at the rate I'm going. Speaking of coke, I cut my hand trying to open a 1.5 litre coke bottle. The cap wouldn't open, I tried calling physics whiz Chris to see if he could help but his phone was turned off, so I dived into the task armed with a pair of scissors and two knives. I managed to force the bottle open but at cost to my hand. the knife slipped and not so neatly put a gash between my thumb and fore finger. Any lower and I really might have needed stitches as the membrane between the two would have been sliced. Reminds me of the time I cut myself against a jagged tin I had just opened. Sliced my right forefinger to the bone and could see the cavity between skin and muscle/ tissue/ bone. I remember thinking it was pretty cool at the time but I think it was because I had gone into shock.

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