Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New Laptop!!!!!! Inter alia...

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This will be the last time (hopefully) that I'll have to ever, ever, cross a city with a train, bus and on foot for Internet access. I have (kind of) decided which laptop/ notebook (whatever) I want to buy and it should become my property by the end of the week! Yipee! Only, I have to wait til my landlady installs the actual internet connection which is -doh- important too but as long as I have my laptop, IO can gaze lovingly at it and think of all the things it can do for me. Muahahahahahaha. My new laptop even has a camera so peeps on MSN can see me brushing me teeth and see the food I eat here. How cool is that?????? I have just sent off an email full of woe and melancholy so this blog is going to relieve the caffeine induced side of me. I nearly threw my pillow out of the window a few nights ago because someone was singing using a megaphone of sorts at 5 am!!!!! But I remembered that it was against the rules to throw things out of the window. The problem studying law is all you remember are rules and then, fun kind of flies away :( My window is sooo big though that I can easily walk through it from my bed. I actually shut it the first few nights because now that I know that sleep walking with me is a possibility, I didn't want to end my life on the concrete, skull crushed and finding out I have no brain.

In fact, life here has become quite dull so I have taken to spicing up my neurocells, happy cells and whatever other cells that need replenishing and plumping up after losing quality, quantity, elasticity and general perkiness. Went browsing round bookstores and am alarmed that books such as 301 More Things to do to have Fun at Work appeals to me. This must certainly mean that my life has exited the main motorway and gone down 'Boring' street. Other books I came across (which caught my attention) included The Diary of a Not 'It' Girl. Yup, that's me. But I'm sure my diary is much more interesting although I didn't stop to read hers. Enough to catch my eye, not enough to catch my hand. Aha. Speaking of diaries, I had one ages ago. Oh dear. I've just realised that now, when I say ages ago, I can honestly mean ages and not use the word as an exaggeration.

What this life is full of care, we have no time to stand and stare?

Anyway, I hid my diary on top of the dog's kennel. There, a bit of Debbie trivia for you. It didn't last very long; I had too much to write and hiding my book, fishing it out, then rehiding it, took up too much time. I had living to do. The third book I came across was Pregnancy for Dummies. Other than the question, "How?" and by that I don't mean technically, I do wonder, do people really need help books on how to be pregnant? I always assumed one just was or was not. Maybe, there's another part to growing up I haven't understood yet. Fourth book was by far my favourite; in series There's Treasure Everywhere of Calvin and Hobbes, Calvin says, "I don't think you should have to do something unless you're enthusiatic about it." Ditto.

Other things that have been crammed into an area known as the brain, in which although Einstein used only 3 per cent, my pastor has apparently used 85 per cent (of the depleted brain, I quote), included, for some time now, the hubristic nature of human beings. We pulvorise forests and build concrete jungles in their place. We abort life flippantly yet demand rights to making one. We encourage our friends to step on others to get what they want yet when people step on us to get what they want, we climb onto moral high ground and shake the finger. According to the book of Romans, we're divided into roughly 3 categories; the hedonist, the judgementalist, the legalist. All of then have fallen away, all of them do not seek God, all of them are evil, even the best of them. The hedonist doesn't even acknowledge God. He builds his rose-bush walled palace and lolls around feasting, drinking and indulging himself in his every whim and fancy. The judgmentalist stands and points. Grace comes looking for him and calls him home but he shrugs it off, and yells and points at the hedonist, demanding punishment for all the baaad things the hedonist has committed. He even has a list so that he can prove he was in thr ight all the long. Instead of choosing grace, he follows self-righteousness. Then there's the legalist. He has fallen down a huge ravine and is trying to build his way home. Year after year after year he toils and he has finally managed to build enough rubble to take 5 steps. Grace offers to take him home and he glares at grace because grace is slowing down his work. Grace looks at the rubble the legalist has proudly collected. This will get me home, he crows. Grace looks at the 5 step worth of rubble and notices that the legalist has 5 million to go. But the legalist is already at work, piling up rubble... (stuff I've learnt from book I am reading by Max Lucado, entitled In the Grip of Grace. Will write more when headache is gone).

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didn't you take my laptop to KL with you?? It's not good enough?