Monday, November 06, 2006

Going home... again

Having spent almost 2 weeks in London, climaxing at Carly's wedding yesterday, I feel ready to go home to KL. Am actually missing the dudes in KL, the late night dinners and Chinese soaps, despite wallowing gloriously in sarcasm galore here and almost perfect weather (10 to 16 degrees is personally ideal). Did swing dancing with Bubba and 80s-style clubbing, which was hilarious. L and I tried to get CD and IF to dance but as they were stubbornly upholding their wallflower-power, we went and danced next to them at the risk of embarrassing ourselves. The wedding also gave me the chance to be 'reunited' with a few people I had not met for ages namely Bubba and Christy. Christy and I went paintballing more than a year ago for Daniel's birthday and he's the only person, thanks to a camera phone, who has proof that I hugged a Rottweiler (Tommy) which was almost as big as I was; my head could have fitted into his jowls quite easily. Will try post the pic up someday when I find the link but that day, although past, was one of the most fun in my life.

I've LAG to thank for letting me stay with them the entire trip; huge blessing and and advance thank you to LNA for when I come to stay in January.

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