Saturday, October 21, 2006

Working feet

I am really earning my money at Hilton; the work is not hard but constant and it's the repetition that aches but after a while I should be as sturdy as nails, only... I'll be going to London for 2 weeks so when I start again in November, I'll probably be as raw as when I first started on Monday. But the pay is good. spent almost all of it when I got my pay check on Friday; that's the good thing, money in every week instead of monthly. Went to Sungai Wang Plaza (translated as Money River Plaza) at Bukit Bintang (Star Hill) to shop. it seems so strange when tourists here ask me how to get to 'Star Hill' as I only know it as Bukit Bintang. There are some very nice things about working for Hilton and when I think about it, the pros do outweight the cons.

1. Free breakfast and lunch
2. I've made friends with chefs in high places (literally, we're on the 33rd floor)
3. TV room with sofa beds (so you can sleep whilst on your break) with Internet connection
4. Pocket money
5. I feel kind of connected with London or at least the international scene because of the many international executives we look after
6. We get BBC News in the lounge; it's too soft to listen to, I'm not allowed to turn the volume up and I'm meant to be serving clients anyway, not standing in front of the TV

1. Sore back
2. Sore toes
3. Sore legs
4. Sore bum
... I guess I could albeit grudgingly call it a workout

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