Tuesday, October 24, 2006

London Bridge is not falling down

I know because I' m in London and if London bridge was falling down, everyone would know about it and it's not. So there. Arrived London last night and will be staying with Lauren and Gaby (for geographical purposes, they live in Westferry), which means if you live nearby, I look forward to having dinner with you at some point soon. Met a guy called Chris and the first thing I said to him was, "You're a guy." Story is Lauren had picked me up at the DLR and when we arrived home I thought I needed someone to lift my bag up the stairs. I knew that this dude called chris was there so knocked on the door to ask him to help. For those not in the know, my brain sometimes has trouble realising that sentences spoken in my head cannot be heard by other people so more often than not, people only hear half of what I'm saying and can't figure out why I'm saying the things I'm saying. I had to walk all through Bank station, up and down stairs (no lifts) with a suitcase 3 times my size so thankfully there were guys on hand 3 times to help me along. I just stood blocking half the stairs with my giant bag and waited for someone to help me. Finding guys with fists made out like ham and arms that could forklift cars is far easier here than it is in the east. Although in the ordinary circumstance I would be wary of the gruff-spoken, towering bulk of muscle that helped me and not let them near my person or stuff, me being in the situation I was, couldn't help but feel grateful that they were on hand to help me. My friend Daryl is one such guy. He's clad in leather most days, even in summer and to me, could easily fit in with the london skyline. If he weren't my friend, I would be incredibly nervous around him but it helps having a bodyguard around when I'm walking down dark alleyways on my way home. I'm still a little jet-lagged and make even less sense than I do when not tired. So do forgive my random ramblings but I have to add, you're the one looking at a site in search of a fluffy pooch.

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