Wednesday, October 04, 2006


For the first time in my life yesterday, I was decidedly homesick... for London. Quite a few people have made settling into KL a bit more... settling, but yesterday whilst all was quiet in the apartment, I made the decision to wallow in self-pity and indulge in wanton misery. In reality, I should have been 'most amazed and delighted at my extraordinary circumstances' to Seneka-cise my words (Seneka is a friend of mine who loves mixing as many adjectives of lofty disposition as possible together in the same sentence, preferably one after the other). My room is the biggest I've ever had, I have a king-sized bed (result of the marriage of two single beds), not one but TWO wardrobes, windows so large I can fall right through them - literally (if I lived on the ground floor it would have been my escape from unwanted visitors who called unexpectedly but unfortunately I live on the fifth floor overlooking the tennis courts) - and til January, my own bathroom. Not that I dislike KL, I'm actually starting to enjoy it a bit more... I've been to the MidValley Megamall, Jaya Supermarket and college twice each, so shopping outnumbering studying at the moment 2:1. It's the little things I miss about London...

1. Being able to pop into Superdrug and know exactly where the eyecream is and how much it'll cost without having to consult my sometimes deactivated Malay dictionary in my head to ask (where the nail clippers are).

2. Yelling for Elena to see if she wants to go to Blockbusters or Tesco to get popcorn. At about 11am today, I wanted popcorn with melted butter so badly but I would have had to walk for half and hour in the blazing sun just for mediocre popcorn.

3. Having a part time job. I can hardly find any part time jobs here unless I did free lance stuff. I have a good mind to write into major newspapers begging them to let me write feature articles just so I have more than my CLP to do. Saying that, Andrew, who's the pastor at my new church, SMACC, has said he would like me to do some church work. For the time being, I have no idea what this church work is or whether it will be voluntary or paid but I'm still holding out for a part time job.

4. I miss being able to walk down the road and get whatever I needed; Chinese, videos, DVDs, popcorn, flu medicine, INTERNET ACCESS!!!!!!! I searched Megamall for an hour before I found this place secluded away behind a bookshop. One disadvantage of Megamall - it's too big... I don't have internet access at home and though initially I thought I could go into college for it, I discovered that my college is now using the so called computer lab for classes, Oi! What's the big idea??!!?? Some people actually want, no, need to surf to rid excess energy. Do you realise the amount of calories one could burn just by repetitively typing???!!??? I feel like screaming but no sound echoes forth so I shut my mouth to avoid looking like a goldfish. So, I will get a laptop at home soon. I don't know when but if not soon enough, my head might burst then you'll see all my ideas squirming around on the floor then someone might steal them and copyright them and then my parents wouldn't get the royalty and, and, and....

5. I watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory yesterday and seeing Johnny Depp reminded me of Phil Blue :(

However, it has to be said that my week here has not been dreadful. Besides the people, one or two other things did make me smile.

1. Cheap jewellery

2. Miles and miles of shopping - only I don't have a car so being exposed to the hot, hot sun, practical daywear would be the shorts, T-shirt and walking shoes combo which kind of limits my creativity to dress up. Also I don't want to draw attention to myself else ruthless muggers here might get to me. One of my coursemates, Cheryl asked me if I had bought my pepper spray yet on my first lesson.

3. Burger King, Nandos (reminded me of Elena and Pete), Crabtree and Evelyn (only everything there is super expensive because they've had to convert it into ringgit and then plus crazy tax on top of it), tinned pinapple.

So there, I feel so much better venting my feelings, even though possibly only 5 people will read this (I think) or maybe more (I don't know). At this point, I'm looking forward to going back to London at the end of October just to get that eyecream from Superdrug and to watch Jonathan Ross.

Regardless of everything, I just want to say - Jesus rocks and Heaven is certain! One good thing about not having internet at home and not wanting to read up on my law is that I read God's word more and am reminded constantly that even as I feel homesick for another earthly place, how much more should I feel 'homesick' for the New Creation because truly, that is our home, as Christians. So there, I am a disgruntled yet contented Christian, living in a country that should be my home but is not, making each moment count because there's nothing I can do about the moment that has passed. Jesus rules and He loves us :) Awesome God.

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