Thursday, October 12, 2006

Another day, one day at a time

First off, a BIG sorry to all who love Malaysia and everything in it, even the weather. I will try not to grumble or moan or complain because where else can you get such lush trees (fed well by the extreme amounts of CO2 in the air which slowly kills of humans and animals but allow the plants to reign supreme) whilst travelling to and from college? There are things I like about KL; namely food and air conditioning. There are things I don't like; like obnoxious guys who ask for my mobile number. Well, that kind of happened in London as well but it remains something I don't like. Actually, the most current guy is a course mate (I use the term 'mate' lightly) and the way he phrased exchanging numbers went something like this,

Him: Take my number down.
Me : Huh?
Him: Go on, take my number down then give me a call so I'll have your number.
Me (still in a daze): Ok.

I proceed to give him my number and then kick myself for it. History repeats itself, first as tragedy and then only ever as farce. I should just tattoo 'dyke' on my forehead then I wouldn't get any sleazy guys giving me the jeepers-creepers. But it is kind of my problem too. I can generally say 'no' except when a guy asks for my number, no matter how weird, deranged or plain psycho. It's like a default programme in me that is constantly and consistently defected.

Anyway, better news to follow, I'll get internet access at home after I come back from London so I won't have to travel half and hour in the heat to an access point. I am slowly establishing a group of friends, although I call Ryl and Sarah back in Kuching often. I have a few makan moments lined up (makan means eat) cos am making almost as many makan buddies as I have Christian. I can't even do laksa without crying. I try not to open my mouth in public unless I speak Malay because I'm pretty conscious of the fact my English sounds like I probably came from Pluto (which I will forever hold to as a planet, no matter what wacky scientists who can't be bothered to travel there say). In Malaysia, you want to stay as inconspicuos as possible so you don't get mugged, cheated or hit on. I've had problems not being able to converse in Mandarin because most Chinese people in KL don't speak Hokkien. Great, in London being bilingual would have made enough of a wow factor. In Malaysia, not speaking Mandarin, is a supposed foothold for tactless people to release proverbial mental diarrohea concerning my disregard to my heritage as a Chinese person. Go and flush a toilet. It didn't help either that the person who adjusted my mobile selected Chinese as the language of choice which means I have to find a Chinese person who CAN speak Mandarin to help me untangle the mess. Grrrrr.....

As much as I am Malaysian and will carry the things I've learned in my country to my grave (is that good enough for undying patriotism??!!??), no sooner did I 'settle,' my feet were itching to move again. Not just to London. Maybe Australia, maybe America or Canada. I haven't quite 'found' myself yet and am still looking for my poodle. Maybe when I find my poodle, I'll find home. I wonder if there'll be poodles in the New Creation...

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