Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Weeks to go

I have one week before I bring my official accounts in London to a close! The arrangement I had for my room has fallen through because of reasons I do not think necessary to discuss but I am in a right state about what to do now. I know God is sovereign and frankly, I've gone through too many emotions to deal with anymore; to get angry, upset or otherwise and there's always the other person to think about. I could throw a fuss and spew molten lava everywhere but that's not going to help - I guess I'll just take life as it comes. It does mean however, that I have ONE WEEK to find someone to stand in my place else I'll continue paying for a room I'll not be using. Needless to say I am disappointed but some things can't be helped. Other things I have to do include emptying Hamlett (double T there, no spelling mistake), my prized, self-painted, glazed, clay piggybank. He's only filled with coppers so I'll be spending a good day counting them out. I'll be spending the remnants of my days in London going to the West End, having dinners in favourite diners (done Tinseltown and Nandos), finding a new housemate and working up the courage to tell the girl at the Chinese take-a-way about Jesus.

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