Thursday, September 21, 2006


Am currently in very big airport waiting for next flight home. Am also somewhat hungry after giving that reasonable thought but because internal body clock is a bit confused, although I am generally confused and confusing, I don't feel like eating. Much. Marcus emailed to clarify a few things I didn't know beforehand. I didn't know a boeing 747 was a jet. Wow. All this time I have literally been 'jetting' back and forth around the world. Cool. Very cool. He also said that an 'I Owe You' was a rain check, not a rain cheque. I assumed the latter just because most things people own other people have something to do with money. Managed to get all my luggage on the plane back at Heathrow. Went extra early cos had lots of stuff (even after sending off 179 kilos in advance - I should SO be a collector or collecter, whichever way a pedant would put it) but was coincidentally very teary when nice lady behind counter asked if I was going home for good so she checked all my stuff in and I believe, but have yet to confirm... she upgraded me to a first class, window seat for this next flight home. Goody. Tears work wonders with everything. I don't like using them in general but if it lets me get my way, turn on the tap! I think there are people waiting behind me to make use of this free internet connection. I really don't think they should expect me to go any faster. Afterall, I waited my turn, someone else should wait theirs. Just because I'm not a hundred a sixty two shouldn't mean I can't use the free internet services too. Anyway, if I were a hundred and sixty two, I'd probably need my great great grandchildren's grandchildren to type as I dictate, as old ladies do. Not that I have anything against dictating or old ladies although I would draw the line at dictators and permanently cranky old ladies.

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