Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Stress is no fun

Let's list all the things that went wrong today:

1. A cheque I banked has yet to come through so now I'm in the red
2. I have yet to find a housemate and I need to find one AND she has to sign the contract by this Friday.
3. The person I think is most suitable for the housemates I will leave behind has yet to give me her number. I can only bombard her with emails :p
4. I cannot sell my law books to Blackwells because they only accept books in November and by then I'll be gone.
5. I could not sell my Russian Law book to Hamiltons because they don't stock it so can't buy it back. Why can't they just buy it to recyle??!!??
6. I have a monster of a computer I would gladly 'give' away for fifty bucks including scanner and printer.
7. I need chocolate but am in the red so will feel really guilty if I bought it. Besides, I had chocolate for dinner last night.
8. Am panicking ever so slightly.
9. Am in line for being labelled 'the tap' by God because everytime I think of leaving I leak.

Maybe tomorrow will look brighter.

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