Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Right, left, write, wrong, rite, Wong...

Things that went right (they went the Wong-way that's my way so they went right) today:

1. Did not wake up with a headache
2. Had Chinese and fried seaweed for breakfast
3. Saw 2 more girls for the house
4. My cheque has come through!
5. Met Carly for Starbucks
6. Went to Smithfields for shopping - Carly bought me a one-pound scarf (bargain)
7. Saved 25 pounds by NOT buying a dress
8. Had tiramisu and hazelnut ice cream
9. Another Christian girl has contacted me about the house
10. Am looking forward to seeing Victoria tomorrow to watch a play called 'Boyfriend' in Regents Park
11. Am going for dinner with Eileen tomorrow night for pui bak (fatty belly pork - yummmm)

So things DID look brighter!

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