Monday, September 18, 2006

Reality check

So, I will fly on Wednesday... can't say I feel too bad. Leaving London is almost a farce. I said almost. I have planned to be back for Carly's wedding (woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) in November and my mum has just said she would like me to come back in January for my graduation so I can take that all important photo drapped in tapestry as I was in Japan when I was meant to graduate (see where my priorities lie :) ??). That would mean that I will return to London more times in a year than I did going home to Malaysia in 5 years hence, a farce. It will also mean that Elena and I will graduate together - if they have both the Theology and Law graduates on the same day - yay, together, we wouldn't be so totally bored out of our minds! My plans when I get home so far include: Church wise, I will be going to SMACC. Amy M from St H knows people there as do a friend or two here and it's affiliated, or so I'm told, to St Ebbes, Oxford. So good teaching all around. Furthermore, I'm told some services are held in golf clubs! How strange. Even better. I have also made plans to meet up with Eing back home and to eat lots of good Kuching food before I go.

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