Friday, September 15, 2006

My interesting day

My interesting day started with an interesting night in which I dreamt of nothing because I couldn't get to sleep for long enough to dream of anything. If I had dreamt of anything, it would have been me reincarnated as a ferret with a brindled bull terrier chasing me, foaming at the jowls. Two hours of tossing and turning led to more tossing and turning, opening and shutting windows, chucking pillows overboard, looking for them again, kicking my duvet away, chilling to the bone, heating up when the duvet was back on and nursing a very sore head. Several times I thought I would need to drag myself to the bathroom to regurgitate the contents of my stomach which would have consisted of Chinese, Chinese and more Chinese and 5 Lindor Lindt truffle chocolates. Being seasick couldn't be worse.

So, after my interesting might, I started my interesting day by looking in the mirror. Bad choice. I wish I could have forgotten what I looked like but the memory will stay with me everytime I feel the urge to laugh at (or gawk at more likely) balding turkeys or scab ridden dogs. Had to nevertheless meet and greet a potential housemate who was a VERY tall Aussie lass, which made my neck ached even as my muscles tried to form a nice, benign smile. After the girl had gone I soaked tea bags to put on my eyes to relief it of the heaviness that threatened to drown my eyeballs in my eyelids. The Jo knocked on the door. I had no idea she was coming and thought that it might be important post or something. Opened the door with tea smeared around my eyes and tongue still stuck halfway down my throat. Went back to bed. Jo suggested I used cucumber so with tea stains still visible on my face, I went to the local grocer to buy a cucumber. I have met him in my pyjamas with a towel round my head so I doubt he took tea stains on my face to heart. Bought a cucumber. Sliced it with the knife I used to slice my kievs in half. Kievs are chicken-based. The smell of the marriage between cucumber and chicken brought me back to Kuching, my hometown where the best Hainan Chicken rice is sold; delicate steamed chicken with thinly sliced pickled cucumber and carrots dipped in chilli, ginger and garlic.. MMMMMMMMM. All of a sudden, going home wasn't so bad an idea.

Sarah came round at about 2. We then went to Chancery Lane; Ede and Ravescroft to see if I could get a graduation gown cos I was in Japan when the rest of my class graduated and had no idea a picture of me swamped in an oversized poncho meant so much to my parents so had not bothered to go find one sooner. Unfortunately, all their academic gowns are in Cambridge and there was not enough time for them to send one to London before I left. As much as I am sorry that my mum will not have a picture of me waving a non-certificate around with a bit of velvet covered cardboard stuck to my head, I believe I have been saved from a certain fashion faux paux that is only fashionable because it symbolises tradition; something the British are very good at.

Will be watching Phantom of the Opera again tonight with Pete and Elena.

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