Tuesday, September 12, 2006

In the park

It seems odd that I do not blog everyday, that I have weeks sometimes between blogs, that I think more and talk/ write less. That was something I thought I would never do and something the 'old' Deborah would have gawked at. Nothing to say??? Actually plenty to say, just too much to put into words. Went to the park today with a few friends and had Bible quizzes to see exactly how little of the Bible we knew. It's amazing that the teachers of the law in Jesus' day would have had memorised considerable chunks, if not the whole Old Testament. I mean, the Pharisees were always the lot that got the stick but you have to admit, if they didn't know their scripture by heart, some of Jesus' more radical claims and phrases would not have had the impact it did. And to dedicate hours, days and an extire lifetime memorising scripture, if we can take anything away from the Pharisees (besides not being hypocrites) it would be to memorise scripture. And how much more do we as Christians have! For we would not be memorising God's words blindly, not knowing what they meant or worse, applying it in a way we were never meant to; our eyes have been opened and our minds renewed by the Holy Spirit that the Bible is no longer another cultural text, but God's Word, as full of life today as it was when God first spoke them into hearts long ago!

In the park I also saw a poodle - unclipped - and a gorgeous, police chestnut (horse) whom I wished I had the room and riding experience to take home with me. He had a nice butt.

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