Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Weddings galore

In the flurry of emotion, I totally forgot to blog about the wedding front. Have attended 3 friends' (or 5 if you count them individually; 2 couples were both my friends) weddings this August, one in which I was a waitress.

Eileen and Alfred's wedding was waaay back on the 5th at St Helens where as a guest, I happily got stuck into an onion bhaji before meeting Martin in Covent Garden. They went to Tanzania for their honeymoon. It's almost a month now since they started wearing the 'man and wife' title. Couldn't make the dinner reception of 12 gorgeous Chinese courses (I heard), one of which was shark's fin soup - YUM!

I was serving at Heather's wedding the Saturday after. Somehow it didn't occur to me that serving as a waitress meant running around. I wore black heels to look 'smart' as Lauren wanted. Silly me. Ended up wincing all the way to Mile End where there was a party there with people I had not seen in a long time; Adam, Hazel, Philip, Daryl... Thankfully I got a lift from Sim and Rebecca to the party and from James Jamieson back to my place so that helped A LOT. Else I would have to deal with the long walk to and from bus stops.

The Saturday that just passed, I was in Lancing for Joe and Tara's wedding. Was there from Wednesday for Tara's hen night, where we went to a pottery painting place - I painted a large cappucino cup and saucer and am very proud of it - and had Chinese take away. Into Thursday and Friday, I helped make service orders, waited for the fudge man (whom I took a picture of - I'd bet no one he delivered stuff to ever took a picture of him before and with such glee too I must add), watched a lot of SKY and helped Tara's mum empty her fridge of chocolate mousse ;) Joe and Tara are now in Nice. The aforementioned Sim and Rebecca were also married on the same Saturday. I couldn't make it but I heard the whole affair was 'very Sim-and-Rebecca.'

4 weddings...

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