Saturday, August 26, 2006


Packing is going well, or not so well depending on how one sees it. I managed to scoop FREE boxes from my 'local' bookshop and lugged them home (about 10 of them). Just as the tape holding them together was about to break (about 50 steps from my front door) Jerome came and rescued me :) He's only 14 but I can forsee him breaking hearts in the future. Intentionally or unintentionally is another matter but yes, he was a gentleman, which fitted in with my mood for the day after having read Pride and Prejudice. If I were 12, I would be smitten. Actually if I were 14, I would be smitten. Anyway got right down to the business of packing, propping the boxes up and making them 3D. Before I'd packed half a box, I was starting to feel teary so quickly went and looked for food. Food keeps my brain on auto pilot so I'm not thinking about why I'm packing. The food I bought for my brother is now sitting in my stomach and when I walk by grocery stores I top up on my tinned pineapple. I LOVE tinned pineapple.

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