Thursday, August 31, 2006

Oranges, zebras and leopards

Not to be big headed or anything but the current design in high street stores are SO copying me. When it was once considered lame to wear zebra or leopard print, I proudly wore mine and now, it's everywhere!!! And it's deemed fashionable now. What I don't like is that now when I wear my prints, people are going to think I'm a fashion victim rather than trend setter - boo! Also, I've been meaning to get an orange top for ages to go with my white skirt but now orange is EVERYWHERE which makes me reluctant to buy it now. My only consolation is that fashion is very different back home and so whatever I wear will be my own...

My dad has decided that he doesn't want me in a YMCA afterall. After all the kerfuffle, I won't get to fulfil the live-in hippie role I was hoping I'd embrace.

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HW said...

So... where will you then be staying?