Tuesday, August 01, 2006

More PICTURES!!!!!

Pictures top to bottom:

1. Michiya (in blue) and Masato (in yellow) at the nagai somen breakfast. Michiya's dad, Yuji helped with translation while we were there and both Michiya and Masato went to the English lessons. Masato accepted Christ during the mountain camp!

2. I couldn't resist doing 'the chicken' at the swimming pool.

3. Hiking in the mountains. I didn't go because the lady there announced that there were snakes and I broke into a mini panic attack. Spent the time in my room instead, reading the Bible.

4. Some of the girls (and guy) who went for the camp, from left to right; Chikoku, Maki, Mai, Marii (Michiya's sister) and Michiya.

5. We celebrated Kiyoshi's birthday while we were there. Bought him a book of Sonatinas so he could practice but thought they could be too easy for him - he's only 13 but can play Handel's Messiah cover to cover! I think we might need to buy him Tchaikovskey next time. We had pizza and chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting for his birthday.

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