Thursday, August 10, 2006

Home, home, home

I am suffering (again) from this thing called nervous energy. Perhaps when God created me, He inserted 500 hares between my knee and ankle joints for fun. (For those of you who would claim the audacity of such a claim - that a loving God would put long-eared, busy tailed mammals in beings made in His image - I believe God possesses a unique characteristic, which incidentally He added to our souls, called 'humour'). Anyway, I feel the onslaught of a migraine coming on, which although does not give me the right to be petty, batty and catty, provides me with an emotional shield, which blocks out cause and effect. By the way, nervous energy is not a disease, I just twitch a lot. Maybe I have ADD but that I've thought about that for far too long for it to become an issue.

BREAKING NEWS!!! I could be going back to Malaysia by November this year (and the world groans as another plane follows a gravity line from London to Malaysia. If we could wear ruts in the sky where we've travelled, the care bears would have less road accidents). That is the extent of my logical (logical??!!) conversation for the day. I'm off to see if I can blag expired muffins for my tea.

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