Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dancer off her feet

People were dancing in the square in Southbank yesterday. Proper dancing. Ballroom dancing. Waltz, jive, foxtrot. As I watched from Waterloo bridge, I wished I had someone to dance with at that point. I don't know if there will be a dancing community in KL although HW said he'll put me in touch with a few of them who left London recently. As I watched the people dance, what held my attention was not the couple who could clearly dance head and shoulders above everyone else, but the children laughing as they twirled one another around in circles, the love birds who were just enjoying the music and taking 2 steps at a time whilst looking at everyone else to see which way they could go, fathers who were dancing with their daughters who only reached their waist and most touchingly the over 50s who looked like their knees were going to give way yet were relishing one another's company in a way only old love can. And to top it off, they were dancing in the light drizzle of the evening in plastic pink raincoats supplied by the organisers. A vision of pink indeed.

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