Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Annoyed for no reason

Yeah, that's part of being a girl. Do I need a reason to get annoyed? Unfortunately in the heat of annoyance, feelings get hurt, sentiments ruined and good relations spoiled. Grrrrrrrr.

The movers and shakers will pack my things up on 12th September so that'll mean goodbye to my sets and sets of shoes til I see them 'on the other side' in a week's time. Thankfully, I don't think I have enough shoes to warrant a 'stupid girl' title courtesy of Pink. More worryingly, it's goodbye saxophone and books and books. I have collected more books in the last 3 years than in my entire teenage years. But then, I was spending more time either brooding in my room and punching pillows or out talking with my dog than I was reading so that shouldn't be surprising. My dad has suggested YMCA accommodation for me in KL. Initially I thought, "NO WAY!!" I'm used to a 2-storey house, complete with bathroom, own living area, big kitchen, oven and TV. YMCA conjured up images of shared kitchen/ bathroom and living area and the one thing I dislike with regards to housing over everything else is shared bathrooms. When I went for my Oxford interview, I balked at the shared bathroom existance I might have to have. It was almost inconceivable that I had to walk down 2 corridors to use the lavatory and then queue again for the use of bathrooms. I was nearly happy that I got rejected. Nearly because no one likes to get rejected, by Oxford or otherwise.

However after much internal deliberation, I think I should embrace the idea of living in the YMCA. Sure I probably wouldn't have the privacy I want and I might have to turn a blind eye to crusty cooker tops and the lack of an oven but it's only for 10 months or so and I could be the live-in Christian hippie whom tourists meet and hey, other people not withstanding, I could be the only Christian person they might ever meet. It might be quite funny to see someone aimlessly wandering the corridors of the YMCA in the evening with a toothbrush in her mouth, practising the foxtrot without a partner. I am decidedly warming up to the idea of being a hippie. Gypsy skirts and dreadlocks. Dreadlocks??!!?? I wonder what my college will think of that. I already ponder that the many piercings I have might not be to everyone's liking hence I'll have to keep a substantial length of hair to cover up on less appropriate moments. Anyway, it may be that I wouldn't live in the YMCA afterall. It's a jungle out there but as long as I have a two-edged sword, I should be okay.

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