Tuesday, August 01, 2006

1,000 words

If a picture's worth a thousand words, I think I've just written a lengthy insight to my trip to Japan. But what if the thousand words are just blubber and no substance? Ah, foolishness, thy name is ignorance. Anyway, I'm so happy I can go back to using proper English words and proper grammatical structure that I might actually just go bla bla bla. Too happy, that's what. In Japan there was no such thing as, "Let's go to dinner together." It was more, "You, me, dinner, yes?" Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. How poetic. Brilliant time in Japan I had (am starting to sound like yoda now). Am very brown to my dismay because as a Chinese girl, I would like to be as pale as possible. I spent (although not significant) some time going, "I'm melting...." I said it when the sun shone and when it rained and both happened. A lot. If I go back I might find myself in a puddle made from my own carbons and ions but I would still be happy. A happy blubber of a puddle blobbing down the streets of Yamagata. Very sad, no?

So after the first 3 days I endeavoured to blog but too many things happened and the computer crashed on my valiant efforts when I did find time to blog so it just was not to be. I think I'll blog in bits and thematically rather than chronologically which might just get boring in the end and as an ENTJ, I would not want that because I am a social butterfly (sensing sarcastic vibes coming through). Besides eating a lot of rice (and I mean a LOT of rice), the Japanese do not understand sarcasm. One more reason why it felt like going back to Malaysia. anyway, I'll hone in on the rice aspect first. We ate rice at almost every meal. The only reason I didn't have rice for breakfast was because Yoshimi, the pastor's wife wasn't there at breakfast time to cook. She lives 100 yards away whilst we lived in the church. If we didn't have rice, we had rice noodles. They even snack on rice. No Pringles for 3 weeks. My goodness I was good. and salt. They like a lot of that too. Salt in everything. I am told it's because Japan doesn't have a lot of spice. I'm sure few of them have heard of thyme and rosemary or nutmeg or mixed herbs. I think they sometimes go for Chinese herbs but because they're Japanese not Chinese, although it seems logical to me to use Chinese herbs, they don't. But it was GOOD food. we had gyoza, tempurra, sushi, sashimi, miso, curry, rice, rice, rice, terriyaki, imoni, konyakku, ramen, yakisoba, somen... all good, all yum, except the salt factor. Louise and I were getting cramps in the middle of the night because of all the salt we had.

Speaking of middle of the night, the third night I apparently slept walked in my sleep. Ask Louise about it, I was asleep. 3 nights after that, I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, Louise shouted my name with such vigour, I jumped from my skin and nearly forgot I needed the loo. Her excuse was that she thought I was going to sleep walk again so wanted to wake me before I did my rounds.

Anyway, I don't want to bore you and want you to come back for more so that my visitor's counter can go berserk with excitement at the number of people visiting my site. Will update in a few days.

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