Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Take off!

Well, not quite yet but this time tomorrow I'll be running through the house making sure sockets are not left plugged in, fridge is emptied, ringing the cab to remind him to pick me up and mumbling watashi wa...(I am...), watashi no (mine) and Kamisama (God) to myself and oh sushi, sushi, sushi. My visa arrived TODAY. My flight is t-o-m-o-r-r-o-w. God sure likes running things under a close time budget. However, rereading my previous blog and Lou's, He had much to teach us and we had much to learn before we even set foot on the plane so hip-hip-hallelujah.

I don't have a digital camera so you'll have to make a date with me to see pictures.

London is sooo hot. I'm sweating or perspiring as some call it (does that actually sound more appealing ??!!??) just thinking about how hot Japan will be and how humid. You would think that being Malaysian born and bred, I'd have no trouble adjusting but I'm regretfully a 'banana' - yellow on the outside ie racially Chinese but white on the inside. I had my hair cut yesterday. Get this, it's now just below my ear! how cool is that? Both figuratively and literally. I have my sunblock, sunscreen and after sun care to prevent me from turning the colour of pan-fried lobster with saffron (mmmmm...), paracetamol to prevent me from turning green and lots of water to prevent me from seeing red (again both figuratively and literally). Hopefullt therefore, I'll return to you all a nice tan colour even though if I could stay as pale as possible, I would. I'll keep updates on my blog from time to time if time permits but otherwise, I'll blog again in 3 weeks. Adios.

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