Monday, July 03, 2006

2 and a half days

Japan, Japan, Japan. My visa has yet to arrive which is a major turning point in whether I'll actually be able to go. However after reading 'Jesus Says Go' by Robin Wells, I have peace of mind about the mission, regardless of whether I am sent or not. If I am not, I'll happily refund those who sponsored me so generously and if I go, I go. The main point I took away from the book was that both this material, physical world and our spiritual mission field are the Lord's; they are His vineyard and we are merely the workers who tend to it. On one hand, if we do not tend to the patch to which we are allocated, we would be failing in our purpose. Even if we desired to tend another patch for whatever reason be it selfish or sincere, if the owner of the vineyard says 'No,' who are we to disagree? Afterall, it is His vineyard and He knows best and wants the best from it. As much as I want to travel to as many countries as possible telling people about Jesus, if God says, 'No,' as much as it hurts, I can rejoice that He is still watching over His field and that no one He has chosen will slip through the net and be saved. If we over pump our zeal to save the lost and forget why we are doing it and who we are doing it for, we would be responsible for spiritual ignorance and foolishness. Ignorance! The thing we are calling people to turn away from, could be the very thing we fall into if we fail to follow Jesus above all, yes, even above full-time, non-secular work.

It is true that there will be disappointments if Lou and I can't go to Japan; does anyone want to take my place otherwise? Tickets and insurance have been bought and although I don't know if a transfer can be made, we can always try if you want to go and if I can't. However, besides the people of Japan, there is still the girl who serves me at my local Chinese takeaway and her family, the Fish and Chips dude, my immediate neighbours and friends who are still in London whom we can meet up with. The harvest will not be any less harvested if I don't go where I think I should but if I get angry or blame God for it, I would have forgotten why I wanted to go in the first place.

Jesus is awesome. We have no idea what He is capable of and that in itself is amazing news. Not even in our wildest imaginations can we begin to comprehend the extent He will go and measures he will take to rescue His sheep. If it is in His will to send me, I may be called to do more than I thought I could possibly do. As much as Japan is 'alien' to many, myself included, it isn't something I would feel was out of my control. People there still speak English and I will be armed with phrasebooks. But if I told God I really wanted to go to the furthest corner to serve Him, He might one day, take me up on my offer and send me to the furthest corner of the earth even thought the earth is round; I believe that God can certainly square it.

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