Monday, June 19, 2006


Today the clouds looked uncomfortable, a distinct reminder of heavily pregnant dogs with already ground-level tits. My mum and I used to go "Awwwh" everytime we saw a short bitch walk by cos she looked so rotund we thought she should sit yet her flabby tits prevented her from stretching out with ease. I miss my dogs. I don't know what Troy or Deuce look like now; it's been a year since I last saw them. My hope is that, amorous as I presume Troy to be, if he is anything like his dad, I hope Sally has enough sense not to allow her son to mate with her. There is a really handsome brown dog that wanders around our neighbourhood which I think my mum would like Sally to mate with. I read a book recently called, "The Hidden Life of Dogs" and although not as good as "The Tribe of Tiger," written by the same author, it is good reading nevertheless if you like animals.

So, now that we have gotten around that detour, I have to walk in to college today but as predictable as the glorious weather is, it being unpredictable that is, I don't know whether I'll be in for sunshine or a downpour.

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