Saturday, June 17, 2006

My day in snippets

Washed my hair!!!

Took the 159 in with Elena. Will be moping with her tonight over cheesy movies and decadent ice cream.

I have been dumped by my vampire mate of 200 years! Well, or so says Facebook.

My Japanese visa which, I submitted today should hopefully start processing by Tuesday.

I still don't have a job. My friend Tanvi was looking for one when we bumped into one another. I also bumped into Andrew Swift whilst talking to Tanvi but he, being with his mother and grandmother (I believe), chose to give me an embarrassed glance and walked on.

I tore a slab of skin from my heel causing it to bleed.

The only things that have passed my lips today are a huge ball of praline chocolate and nuts, a gorgeous coffee macaroon and one manggo. Probably a tub of Ben and Jerry's after being sorely dumped...

I made an orange, origami pig.

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