Tuesday, June 20, 2006


My basil is dying. Note: Basil is a type of herb for those who do not know. London is warming up faster than Olympic athletes and poor basil is looking very miserable and dried out. I've tried watering him more often (yes, my basil is a 'he' and no, I've NOT named him) but he justs sits there looking more and more dehydrated everyday. I might need to repot him or do something about the earth he's plodding in. I really don't want him to die, he smells nice. In my grief the skies mock me with clouds floating overhead yet withholding water and refreshment for poor basil. The cowardly sun shines down as a school bully holding his victim's cap in his hands far above his head would, but when I shake my fist at him he hides behind his doughnut shaped clouds. Well, that was before. At the moment they look like migrating Stegasauruses. I hope it rains soon - for both basil's sake and my own. I don't want to have to bury another herb.

I'll be flying to Japan soon and that means writing up another will. Everytime I fly to another country I write a will just in case stuff happens. I have yet to decide whether I want my funeral here or in Malaysia; either way it's going to be H-O-T if I die this summer and my decomposing body would have contributed to more greenhouse gases to the annoyance of my fully functioning mind sitting in Paradise. I did think of having a clause saying everyone who comes to my funeral will have to wear red but then it'll make for very bad photos if everyone started crying and had to wear red at the same time. Maybe I'll reduce it to 'colour' and by the way, black or white will be considered a 'tone' and not 'colour' under the stipulations. I take my will writing seriously although I put it in such jovial terms because it'll be the last time I get to say anything on my mind to the people left behind. Maybe I could do it in video format...

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