Thursday, June 29, 2006

Chot-to sumimasen! Watashi wo kurisuchen des.

I am REALLY excited about going to Japan. I think I was dreaming in Japanese last night... I have to say, the day I understand a Japanese conversation in full will be a very happy day indeed. One more week and then unless I can find time to blog in Japan, you won't hear from me for another 3 weeks! 3 glorious weeks of ramen, yakisoba, terriyaki everything, sashimi, onsens (nude spas) and mangga. Not forgetting mission work. Absolutely amazing. Can't wait to get cracking. I have to say, I don't know how friendly immigration will be if I were to announce that I was coming to tell people about Jesus so perhaps until I actually get through the immigration barriers, I should keep mum about what we plan to do there. Speaking of keeping mum, my sponsored silence went very well. I was not allowed to laugh, whine, whinge, humm or talk but universal bodily functions set out to embarrass such as hiccups, coughs and sneezes were allowed. I had dinner with a few people on the same night (within the 24 hours I wasn't allowed to speak) and greeted everyone at the door with a big HELLO sign in pink and tried several times to have conversations with people but those petered out because I took too long to (write my) answer. In the end I sat in a corner and ate.

Elena will be leaving the (EDS) house this week and thus shall come to a close an era of wackiness and recorded silly sayings. We shall no longer be called EDS (Elena, Deborah, Sarah) but DJS (Deborah, Johanna, Sarah). I thought of JDS but that sounds either like a sports brand or one of the freehouse pubs run by J.D Whetherspoon and SJD sounds like a variation of STD. I'll have a ball of a time redecorating and moving furniture over summer...

I've met up with my Japanese advisors who have advised me not to evangelise people when in a nude spa. I think I might turn my brain off and go on auto-pilot if I did have to embrace the experience of communal bathing. Talk about extreme. The Japanese are extreme so when in Rome... My trustworthy advisors have also advised me to look nonchalent when earthquakes occur. The standard rule of thumb is if no one is running scared, act like nothing happened and continue drinking your soup whilst trying to keep it from lapping all over you. Just imagine that a very large truck has just rumbled by. If I run, they'll know I'm a tourist.

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