Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Crazy world

Almost a week since my last blog and I can't remember when I have been more busy. After working the busiest shifts for a week, I'm fully convinced that just because one is a student at Kings does not mean one was necessarily in line when God gave out IQ numbers. The people who make me the most busy are those who cannot seem to understand simple instructions - makes me wonder what exactly goes on behind closed exam doors - and those who are out to make the person-behind-the-counter's life very difficult indeed. I believe working at the Union encourages cultivation of my acidic tongue and yet helps me practice restraint at the same time, only letting lose a few hours later on unsuspecting and very patient housemates and living-three-doors-away mates. It's quite busy right now but I'm oblivious to that because I'm here as a student and not as a worker... til 2am that is.

I don't know what made yesterday particularly hard but it was and as a result I grudgingly decided to go to prayer supper. Told Andrew that if I had felt better, I wouldn't have gone to prayer meeting so thank God I felt bad?? I don't think the two contradict one another. Made further cutting remarks throughout the evening and as the night wore on, wondered if by the end of it, I would have any friends left. Nah, wasn't as bad as I thought. As long as I get into the 'Everybody loves Debbie' mode, I am usually compliant and generous with suggestions for food outings. Elena said that in our first year in CU, she thought I was the CU 'pet.' Great. This puppy has morphed into the three-headed, steak eating Cerebus.

Had my first seminar of my last year yesterday and my first lecture of my last year today. Nearly fell asleep in both of them. Perfect start to an unpredictable year. Quite a few people I want to know better are in my classes and that makes me very excited. Already I'm envisioning cooked dinners and trips to Starbucks and fun Law Balls and guest dinners and dialogue suppers. Introduced myself to a few new associates with some very cool names and by the looks of it, this year will prove as fun as it will be exciting. One more year to go, or less than that and I'm going to make sure my last year in London go a long long way indeed. I feel like having a carbonated beverage now so will leave you to ponder on this;

For God so loved the world that He sent His one and only Son, that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. (emphasis mine)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Seven Meme (Joel Sia)

Seven Things I Plan to Do Before I Die
1. Live in Mongolia
2. Live in Paris
3. Own a BIG dog
4. Learn how to ride a horse (and a motorbike)
5. Either skydive/ parachute jump etc (no bungee jumping)
6. Be involved
7. Live to the full in Christ

Seven Things I Can Do
1. Eat lots of chocolate
2. Take pictures of random dogs
3. Ask guys for their numbers without feeling embarrassed
4. Make brownies
5. Drive
6. With Christ in the vessel, I can smile at the storm
7. Look up into tall people's nostrils

Seven Celebrity Crushes
1. Colin Firth
2. Richard Gere
3. Val Kilmer
4. Keanu Reeves
5. Dean Cain
6. Gary Rhodes
7. Hmmm....

Seven Favourite Food
1. Deep fried buttered prawns
2. Lobsters
3. Oyster pancakes
4. Beef noodles
5. Grandma's cooking
6. Juicy steak/ lamb
7. Full English Breakfast

Seven Random Facts About Me
1. I used to cut my eyelashes
2. I talk to inanimate objects
3. I have a red top with a horse on the front
4. I went shopping with Martin in my first year for an espresso machine
5. I pace up and down when agitated
6. I bruise easily
7. I like the window seat in the plane

Seven People I Want to Tag
1. You
2. You
3. You
4. You
5. You
6. You
7. You

My favourite things update

I have a book, which lists in word or picture, my favourite things. Among them are fireworks, shiny things, chocolate, sleeping, the Lourve and The Incredibles. 2 nights ago, I added Bridget Jones Diary 2. I must add that I'm not a BJ junkie and BJ 1 does not rank high enough to be on my list of favourite things. So why BJ2? Two words; Colin Firth or actually, Mark Darcy. Everything, from stupid sweaters and folding underpants to intolerable rude aloofness punctuated by iunuendo, serves to enhance his aura. Actually, my favourite part in the whole movie holds this snippet:

Mark Darcy: [Bridget gets out of bed covered in a sheet and begins to fumble around] What on Earth are you doing?
Bridget Jones: Getting dressed.
Mark Darcy: Why're you dancing around in that tent business?
Bridget Jones: Because I don't want you to see any of my wobbly bits.
Mark Darcy: Well now that's a bit pointless isn't it. As I happen to have a very high regard for your wobbly bits. In all circumstances.

I know of no guy packaged like that in real life hence, the only chance I have of spending time with one is to watch BJ2 fanatically. Ironically, if I did ever meet a Mr. Darcy equivalent in real life, I'd probably be furious with the social ineptness of His Royal Pompousness, he'd be on my list of worst enemies rather than best friends. Urgh. Forget reading what men want or what men are like, I don't even know what I'm like or what I want.

Anyway, enough day dreaming. Will have to return BJ2 to Blockbuster tonight and return to normality. Am hungry although I had a Kinder Hippo, Cheese and Onion Pringles and Daim bar... last night.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I did, I did, I did thaw a puddy kat!

Whilst on my shift today, a high school (or was it primary school and I'm just short?) student came into the union. As he went to the far corner and retrieved a bottle of Ribena, I turned to the computer and back again - less than 3 seconds - to see his hand had gone into his bag! He turned round just in time to see me, my arms akimbo, with what I hoped was a "I saw what you did" look without looking threatening - the political implications of everyday life is annoying. I mean, before climbing over the counter, rushing up to him and emptying the contents of his bag viciously onto the floor, I had to check that in doing so, I wasn't causing GBH or ABH or battery or bla bla bla. If he tried to defend himself or his belongings and I accidentally scratched him... what then? Besides, the counter's really high and the only way to him was to go run back through a room and out another door, which would then give me about 20 metres to the dude if he were still standing in the same position. I figured I wouldn't be able to catch him so I just stared. The little b***** had the cheek to ask me what was wrong and said, "I'm buying a drink." Yeah, we ALL put drinks we intend to buy into our knapsacks. Again I had to think about what to say. I hadn't actually seen him put the drink in his bag but he was such a poor liar I knew he had the drink. However, I couldn't prove it and to reduce the risk of the Union getting involved, I couldn't accuse him outright. To make matters worse, my boss was in his room and to contact him would alert the thief. So in this frame of mind, all could do was stare and say, "I know" - hopefully it was an I-know-what-you-did-last-summer sort of 'I know.' He looked at me a few minutes before walking down the aisle towards the door and in my head I was wondering what I would have to do. Scream? Run? Ring the boss? But he took out the bottle and put it on the flapjacks and left. If he ever comes back on my shift again, I'll ring the boss immediately so that this dude will be watched like a hawk... or a hawk's prey.

I'm not even British and I feel possessive over this territory. People like that guy I confronted this morning set my nerves on edge. Do we tell someone outright when we believe they are in the wrong? Or do we wait and collect information, getting it absolutely right, before pouncing? I find it very hard to be a 'loving' Christian although I wouldn't say I'm judgmental. However, to a certain extent, we all are. My temper and sense of black is black and white is white causes me to be frustrated when some say "It's okay if black is sometimes white" or when they use loopholes through the letter to overcome the principle of a statement. When I'm frustrated I remove myself from the situation because one, I don't want to say something I might regret and two, if I tried to and the person still didn't 'get it' , I'd be so angry, I'd rage and boil and be overwhelmed that going away and calming down would be the best thing for both the person I'm angry at and especially spiritually, for myself.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Freshers Week

So, freshers' week has started and I'm back working at the Student Union although I've been doing this since I got back from Malaysia. Do I have any pearls of wisdom or deep, intricate theories of how this year is going to or should run? No. But I do know one thing. I yearn to live to the fullest. I want to look forward and see God's fingerprints in every situation so that I may live to glorify Him in everything I do. I know I will fail. I know I will not live up to His 100% standard but I can live. I want to turn back and see God's footprints in everything I lived through and know that He carried me when I didn't walk with Him or in His footprints.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Return journey

Hi ho! I've just returned from Paris and yes, I'm back at the student union centre - old habits die hard. Paris was amazing, fantabulous, cultured, I-can't-wait-to-go-back-again! alice, Daniel and I stayed in a wonderful apartment on the Rue de Rivoli (which features in the da Vinci Code - actually a lot of what we did featured in the said book just because we were in Paris) and we could see the Eiffel Tower from the study window. We went to the Pompidou, Hotel de Ville, Eiffel Tower, Musee Lourve (which I will gush about later), took a walk along the Seine (river), passed the Notre Dame several times, wowed at the silent stained glass windows which tell of Bible stories in the Saint Chapel, found a most expensive chocolate shop along Rue Napolean, saw Saint Suplice, had a chinese buffet, Alice had a huge bowl of mussels, walked from our house through the Jardin de Tuilleries, pass the Concorde, down Champs de Elysees to the Arc de Triomph and stopped briefly for a MacDonalds. I saw only ONE Starbucks in Paris (horrors) and someone told me there were only seven in all. I tried to resist going into Hennes but I did. Also did the tourist thing of postcard buying and sending off, took pictures of Parisian dogs, learned how to say please and thank you in French and smile (that got me through the week - that and Alice's French), had French crepe with chocolate, read 3 books and the couch became my bed (cos I could fit into it snugly).

One of the books I read was the Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Other than making me laugh and go all paranoid about how I should treat guys in the future and asking Daniel lots of questions about how men think, I found the book light-hearted and as a Christian, I'll try not to take it too seriously because all relationships should be based on Christ, our cornerstone and head. The other book I read was a novel by Sarah Turnbull titled Almost French. I might get it for my own book collection one day as it gave me an incredible amount of insight to French ettiquette and culture in a humourous way. In a nutshell, an Australian girl meets a French dude and moves to Paris with him and tries to fit in. I took away from the book, amongst other things, that in the future if I were to go to the baker/ grocer/ butcher/ etc, I should not go in jogging bottoms or anything that isn't short of chic because, "It is not nice for the baker." It isn't heretical to want to dress well, I guess. Anyway, until maybe tomorrow or the day after, I'll leave you at that. I might go to the National Gallery tomorrow afternoon after church because the art and artifacts in the Lourve has swung open an area I want to explore. I can't pronounce French artiste names fluently and I'm more likely to get the back up of art fanatics due to my lack of intuition as yet, but this is one sea that this sponge wants to soak up.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Holiday starts today

In less than 3 hours time, I'll be on my way out of England. although I don't think I particularly need a holiday, it's always fun to have one... or two. I'll be returning to fresher chaos as people try to get their TFL forms stamped and wonder around the halls, bumping into us third years. Hahahahaha... third years... do I need to reinvent myself? Anyhoo, you will not imagine how rude some people who want to get their forms stamped are. I was the only one serving at the station with a queue of at least 6 people all waiting for forms or for their forms to be stamped by yours truly. One would expect a certain amount of gratitude and consideration from these people (not all, I hastily add) who want moi to do this HUGE favour for them. In addition, at the desk we only have one pen to share. Some people had the cheek to ask to take the only pen I have to fill out their form AFTER I told them that it was the only pen I had and worse still a certain lady simply plucked the pen I was HOLDING out off my hand. Going beyond cheek and sliding downhill into ghastly bad manners. Disgusting, I think it's called. I nearly showered her with a tide of cutting things I could say but stopped myself in time. Refraining from bad language is part of my contract.

There are times when I wish that I refrained because I remembered that as Christians, we're not meant to swear rather than because I just want to keep the peace, even if the 'peace' was only on the surface. Why are we not meant to swear? Oh ya, cos it says so in the B-I-B-L-E. Don't swear because we can't turn one hair on our heads black or white. Results due to dye or tint does not count. There are times when I wish I could say to someone, "Yup, I did my quiet time today" but when I do take part in quiet time, I feel almost sheepish when people ask me if I had done my quiet time that day. To go by quietly or to go with a bang? To fall into line or to go against the grain? To sight see as much of Paris as I can or sit in the apartment reading by the wndow, enjoying the sights from there? To go for frog or stick by bread (I have eaten frogs by the way)? What is a radical Christian? Is it someone who plans ahead or someone who lives for the day?

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Paris, Paris, Paris

2 days to go, 2 days to go... excited, very much so, I am. I hope the weather will hold cos I want to go about town, sitting in parks and looking at French pigeons. Are they different looking from English pigeons? Mmmm... almond nougat, honey nougat, fruit nougat, mixed nut nougat... I might like ze nougat more than ze chocolate. Iz that pozzibre? All I have to remember is not to speak English with a French accent really slowly cos if they can't understand it, they can't understand it, no matter how slowly or deliberately I speak. I could learn French but my one late night lesson with Tom did not go well - I thought water was eclair but it turned out to be something else 'clair' and it took me several tries before I could say Champs de Elysees properly. But I can say petit pois (pea) quite well so that I can point to the said legume and shake my head vigourously. Did I mention that I can say cheval (horse) too? But Tom said that as the French eat horses, they might serve me horse meat if I talked about it too much in a restaurant or send me off to a restaurant that sells it.

I am in a silly mood at the moment. I-want-to-kick-myself silly and how-could-I-have-said-that(??!!) silly. Unfortunately I can't kick myself so I finished a whole tube of Cheese and Onion Pringles and washed that down with Coke for breakfast, after a bowl of pesto pasta with feta cheese and chicken plus one gobstopper - I wish I had 10. I'm in a silly mood and I don't even know why. I want to kick someone, something, anyone, anything. Anyone willing to be my guinea pig? My punching bag? My stress buster? It's not even that time of the month. Did I just say that aloud???!! Ahhh... it doesn't matter. Maybe not very shrewd but perhaps a shrew? Maybe I should sign up for the tennis at St H. However, at the moment, I want a game where I can really smash the ball and if I do that in tennis, the ball is more apt to fly over the wall than over the net. Maybe I should sign up for baseball - no wait, that's American. I did think about mountain climbing but as someone who's scared of heights, I don't think I should. My palms get sweaty, my muscles twitch and freeze sporadically and my teeth chatter. My feet are sweating just thinking about it. The only person who ever 'cured' me temporarily was my climbing instructer, Maurice but he's not here anymore :( I need an aggressive sport, aggressive but not necessarily extreme. Or maybe a 'calm' sport would do me good, if there's such a thing. Something that will teach me patience and cultivate intelligence, strategy staging and critical thinking at the same time. Chess. I need chocolate. I need Jesus more. Or maybe Briget Jones Diary; the Edge of Reason. Afterall, I am on the edge.

Catch me if you can

I have been networking to get 1st and 2nd years to buy my books, caught up with Atsuko as she was trailing to the gym (which reminded me of my own glorious state), surfing the net, watching videos of breakdancing and reading about people wanting white picket fences and 2.5 kids. Why in the world, a white picket fence? I want a Great Wall of China - do you know that you can ride at least four horses abreast on the wall? And why 2.5? I guess that means either 2 or 3. If I ever have kids, I think half a dozen would be nice. That way, if people happen to ask, I can say nonchalently, "Half a dozen." If that sounds like a lot, I wanted a football team (plus one substitute) 7 years ago. I've mellowed out considerably. I still want a Dobermann and a Bull Terrier or a Siberian Husky or an Akita but if God dictated that I lived in the Alps as a nun, a Great Pyreenes or St Bernard will do just as nicely. Can you imagine me dressed in a habit and a wimple with a Great Pyreenes by my side? I will be spending a lot of time on dog-fur-removing, I would. Maybe I could keep sheets of lint removal paper in my Bible so that I could pretend to read it while waxing the dog hair off my clothes when I'm in chapel with other nuns. Cleanliness is next to godliness. However, I don't see the Reverend Mother allowing me either dog. Maybe if I found a Bernese Mountain dog, I'll be allowed to keep it cos they're tri-coloured or if I dyed the dog... But what if I end up spending my years in Mongolia? Ahhh... horses and camels, that's what.

My plans for the next year is to get a decent degree and do whatever comes naturally to third year law students who like chocolate and dogs. After that, it will be home to Malaysia to preach to loin-clothed men and just maybe a rare trip to Papua New Guinea cos there're cannibals there, I believe. During that time, I hope to get involved in the judiciary in one way or another and keep in touch with JCS so that maybe I'll be able to spend about 10 or so years in Mongolia in the future. How does that sound? How old will I be then? Hmmm... 1 plus 2 or 3 plus 10... 35 years old. Ahhh... still young enough. Where else could I go? Will definitely have to make a trip to Montanna and Western Canada and see the Niagara Falls and I hope to see a liger (product of a male lion and a female tiger) before I expire.

Since Australia and London, where I am now, I have only briefly been to Australia, Singapore and more recently to Paris and Wales, although I did start my travels in Hong Kong, aged two, in a white dress with green umbrella prints all over. It was the first time I saw dolphins and killer whales live and I had an Fn'N orange drink and fries (no chocolate surprise, surprise). However, I will be going to Paris next week for a week, which I'm extremely excited about (can't wait to get out of London and 'see' the world) and maybe during reading week, to Spain for a week and then somewhere during the Christmas holidays - maybe Cardiff or Dublin. And then Paris again next Spring and possibly either in between or after, to Greece or Turkey and Moscow or Norway. I also want to go to Poland and maybe Lithuania or Latvia. I'll probably travel Europe once over before I go back to Asia. I would also like to revisit Hong Kong - I wonder if Seaworld has changed much.

Have to go and tidy up the coffee machine now. Thanks for listening.

Schmo's sermon on Ezekiel 37:1-14

While working a 'dead' shift til 10.15pm I listened to Mark's sermon over the computer (several times actually). I have to admit, I would rather be preached to from the Word of God than listen to countless pop, rock, RnB (and etc) songs over the computer. Although it might seem tiring and dreary to hear the ramblings of a preacher compared to the boom boom bang of songs which might seem more uplifting during a dull shift, it is amazing and joyful that I can be encouraged even though my friends are not physically around to remind me of God's power and mercy. I have to say, this is the first time I've listened to Mark speak and you can hear it too if you go on his blog, which is somewhere on the right if you scroll down this one. It's not very long but packs quite a few punches, to use a cliche, and in some ways it's better than sitting in church listening to a sermon cos you can stop and rewind if you miss something and if you're like me, it's quite frustrating listening to a fast paced sermon without being able to digest one part before moving on to the next. Also, if Schmo (or any other recorded sermon) mentions something interesting, you can stop it and chew the line over a few minutes before the light bulb switches on and I can continue listening and understanding. I have another 4 hours to go...

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Party food

Sesame prawn balls, lemon cake, bacon and mushroom quiche, traffic light jelly (without the stop light), spring rolls, chargrilled chicken pasta, cold dish, brownies, cocktail sausages with satay sauce... what else do I need to prepare??? I bought 6 giant sunflowers and then scrambled round the house trying to place them in wine bottles and milk bottles... stuffed the overgrown stalks in viciously more like it.

Went to Konditor and Cook yesterday for the first time and hyperventilated (sort of) at all the very-bad-but-exceedingly-rich goodies and went away with the largest meringue I've ever had. Held it gingerly in my two paws and nibbled around the edges, feeling more and more like a rodent as the time passed. The aftermath of the meringue was an evil monster of a rodent... something similar to the giant rats that attacked Miss Buttercup in The Princess Bride (see above). Ah, that is a scary thought.

I am currently giving out TFL forms and filling them in at the union, stamping them with a vengeance and writing the date with a flourish. Sometimes when I'm feeling catty and supremely powerful, I scrutnise every little detail and watch as my 'clients' squirm under my eagle eye. Hahaha... yeah right. Met a guy who does Law and I think I'll give him a call to sell my books. One of the advantages of working at a union is that I get to meet lots of (nice) people who study at Waterloo and almost everyone from Stamford Street; a reasonable group of freshers no doubt. My scheming mind has already conjoured up ways to get into freshers' unsuspecting lives to tell them the good news that is Christ Jesus resurrected. Didn't that sound like I was rattling it off a text book? But funnily enough, I believe in it.

Urrrrrr... tomorrow Victoria and I will meander the halls of The Natural History Museum and on Sunday, I will go to the National Gallery and see if I can get a pigeon to aim for my head. Come Monday I will be in Paris for a week!!!!!!... which reminds me, I need to get some traveller's cheques. After Paris, freshers week looms ahead and I'll be - again - working at the union from, get this, 6.45AM til 11am EVERYDAY, except Friday.

P/s Before Freshers' Week is over, I'll have a helix in my upper right ear :)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


All images from Google images.

When I told Martin I wanted to ride a Clydesdale, he told me promptly that I would fly off the second they started trotting. I would really want to though, even for but a moment. Just to be on top of the world. For once.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Decisions and contemplations

Decisions made:

I will get the top bit of my left ear pierced :)
I will be going to Paris on Monday!!!!!
I will be hosting a farewell party for Tom and Helen.
I intend to rope in new Law freshers cos I think we are a dying breed.
I will be having a BBQ for the new freshers I and others have successfully roped in.
I will be having a Sunday Roast for those in the Kings LCF.
I will help Priss buy food for cream tea for Freshers' week even though I have no idea what we're supposed to eat for a cream tea.
I'm going to pretend I'm a fresher during Freshers' week.


I want to become a nun.
I am getting my piercing because I don't want people to perceive me as a girly-girl.
Can I keep my piercing and be a nun?

Highlighting on forgiveness:
What is forgiveness? And is forgiveness the same as true forgiveness? Does forgiveness and forgetting go hand-in-hand? We often hear people say, "I'll forgive you but I'll never forget." Is forgiving being a doormat and allowing people to trod all over you? I read somewhere that true forgiveness was reinstating the relationship two (or three or four etc) people had before the catalyst for having to forgive occured. Can we really restore that relationship when things such as trust, loyalty and friendship have broken down? Won't we treat the person with wariness and caution because we now know what they're capable of? Is it not natural that we should distance ourselves from them to protect and defend our own interest? Is it true forgiveness then, if a person says, "I forgive you," but treats the other differently. Do we put others before us constantly and risk getting hurt over and over again and by different people in the name of forgiveness? Isn't it foolishness wanting the relationship restored? Isn't it looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses to assume that when the person says, "I won't do it again," he or she really won't do it again? And on the other scale, isn't it wise to want to distance ourselves from people who could potentially corrupt our character? Isn't it being true to ourselves and the people who love us to avoid things that could harm us and cause grief? Isn't it acceptable to estrange persons who have constantly proven themselves to be consistently unfaithful?

Relationships are the trickiest businesses run in the world and they have become even more complicated and unfulfilling since the Fall. I would suggest autonomy to everyone who wants to avoid being in this business. The truth is, all of us want to be in a relationship. It's natural. It's what we were made for. None of us want to be hurt. Again it's natural because God didn't make us as chess pawns in a war-relationship-strategy game. He made us to love us and to be loved. We messed up. It wasn't God who gave us the 'apple' to eat so that we would sin. We did that on our own. It wasn't God who hurt us, we hurt Him first. Ironic isn't it? The love story of everyone; because He loved us, we hurt Him. If He didn't love us, He wouldn't have made us and then He wouldn't have been hurt. If we didn't love others, we wouldn't have made the effort and we wouldn't have been hurt. So, what are we supposed to do about it?

God initiated forgiveness. In fact, it wasn't just, "Oh, okay, I forgive you," He went all out to prove that He really did forgive us and will continue forgiving us so that if we ever looked back and thought, "Really? Did He really forgive all that?" we can look to the cross and believe without a doubt that He did and He does and He will. If God could reach out and whole-heartedly forgive me, who am I not to offer the same to others? Those who don't forgive or choose not to know the bitterness that comes with the territory of hardened hearts. I certainly do. The bitterness that eats away and belittles and destroys and morphs the person and degrades his or her humanity even further and offers temptations and deceptions in place of kindness and trustworthiness.

So why do we stay in relationships that seem to bring nothing but heartache? Because if we choose to, it's natural. We were made in the image of God. Seventy time seven.

Friday, September 02, 2005


Picture from Google Images

Is this for real? This IS for real!!!!!! Ahhhhh... this is SO real! I succeeded in uploading pictures! I have conquered my no-picture tri-coloured world of bloggeroowoo. WOO HOO! Oh yeah, oh yeah... now we're getting somewhere. Oooh yeah... oooh baby. Hahahahahaha. Feeling spaced-out and wide-eyed after watching Aladdin last night and had to get up at 5.30am again this morning. Elena insisted on singing along to 'A Whole New World' using her hands as mouth puppets to mimic Jasmine and Al. The only thing I like about Jasmine is that she has Rajah. Do you see? now when I say 'Rajah,' I can stick the biggest picture of him I can find. Coolness. Sean however, would disagree with me, citing Jasmine's hair, eyes, face, skin... The only thing I don't like about Al is that he has a monkey. Now if Abu stayed an elephant... Eeeeeeee... I'm still hugely, hugely excited that I can now paste pics on my site. Ahhhh... now I can put my pic up. Wonder if people will run away?

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Guess what??!!?? If I married someone with the surname 'Ka,' I could become a Wonka. A legal yet properly mad Wonka. I could become Debbie Wonka. Wong-Ka's better than Wong-Key anyway I think... Ooooh.... Wonka, wonka, wonka... Hi, my name is Wonka. Maybe I should have two dogs called Oompa and Loompah to fit the bill and have lots of Wonka chocolate in my pockets.


Malaysia's 48th birthday (I think) was yesterday, the same day Princess Di got stuck in that car...

Although I did think of going for prayer meeting yesterday, tiredness, My Fair Kerry (ITV1, 9pm) and sheer lack of interest got the better of me. Brrrr... Carly and I had this conversation 2 days ago but I still can't propel myself to attend or to become more involved in it. Bla. It's a very bla feeling. I've had this bla feeling since yesterday evening... after I discovered I was 131p overdrawn. Had a grand, fantabulous, stupendous, gloriyaki time in Greenwich (first timer) cos I cuddled two dogs - a Dobermann and a black Labrador, lathered myself in sunblock and we had huge bowls of lots and lots of Chinese food that we (Carly, Daniel and I) couldn't finish. Schmo wiped his plate clean to the last grain of rice with chopsticks - very impressive. Halfway through the picnic, I tore my skirt in half deliberately. Why? Cos there was a tear in it already so I just helped it along and made a head scarf out of the torn strip of skirt. Elena thought I was crazy when I told her but then I was in a bla mood so maybe she understood.

I am going to define bla. Being bla means being in a state of mind where I swear internally at everything, mentally throw wine bottles at people's heads and support fox-hunting. Occasionally, like yesterday, one or two words accidentally slip through and are vocalised but by that time, my mind has morphed into a breeding ground for swears and swearettes who grow at an astonishing rate and have other swears and swearettes of their own and so the distinction between heard and unheard is not very distinct. HA HA HA. When I am in a bla mood, it is wise to remove anything edible from my presence cos then I get all 'girly' and eat everything in sight and then use a series of 'f' words that Elena so dislikes - fat, fatty, fatso, flab, flabby, fungal growth... Maybe I am a Foosa. I have been known to polish off a whole jar of creamy peanut butter. The best solution for my bla-ness is to serve me a huge cup of extra strong Masala, act as my punching bag or allow me to use Horace (our dying tree in the backyard) as a machete victim. Either that or intoxicate me with a sedative. Arrrrr! I blame hormones yet I tell all that I don't have PMS or was it PMT?

Anyway, back to the subject title...
I don't consider myself patriotic but I am faithful. I don't consider myself a nationalist but I am loyal. Tell me, what is the difference? I don't feel like I belong to any country although I have Mongolia on the brain.

I really, really want to get a piercing. Problem is, I don't want a third nostril but I can't pierce my eyebrow cos I have to draw them on so the ring will get in the way. I know that the edge of the top of my ear will be masochistic enough but it's kind of common and I don't want to go through pain without a good reason. I'm not too keen on having any piercings below the collarbone either. It looks like I might be running out of options. Any suggestions?

Am looking at Reggie the lion (Kings College mascot), which is now a soft, stuffed toy and I actually think he's quite cute; his messy mane, laid back appearance and old school dark blue jumper somehow gives off a very comforting vibe and he's travel size too. Strange... I can imagine him as a person in Hare Krisna gear.