Monday, February 28, 2005

Just because

Today is the last day of February 2005 so I thought that it would be good of me to round it up...


I want to pass, I want to pass high, I don't want to retake, I want to stay home the entire summer, I want to see my brother more, I don't want to faaaaiiiil. Besides, Carly might be coming round to my bit of the jungle late August and we'll be flying back together (probably).

I will be getting my new glasses today. Was meant to collect them last Saturday but never mind. I find it funny that quite a lot of people commented yesterday that I looked nice. It was just the new haircut. Everything else was the same, except that what I wore matched with our carpet in Oval. I managed to say 'thank you' to most (but not all) people, as opposed to making some dry comment about my dress being a funeral dress. I'm learning :) I wonder if my new glasses will have the same effect next week or what if I put red highlights into my dark tresses?

I am still on the cabbage soup diet and I feel like a right manatee (sea cow) but how strange that at my most bloated, Friday night, Imieng told me that I had lost weight, which then spurred me on to devour a succulent chicken and mushroom pizza and tiramisu (I had the bruschetta before she made that comment). I found out that Alice D did classics at university. She's now looking into taking up the conversion course next year. I should have done that. Law is sooo hard. I have 2 essays due on the 11th and 1 on the 18th. Ahhhhhh..... One more year. All I have to do is get through one more year... and then what will I do? This trip home will certainly contribute to 'make your decision' time.

Yo homies, I'll be home soon. Email me times and dates you'll be available and then we have to sooo go out (Ryl, you can drive this time) for chee cheong fan and nasi lemak and kueh chap and char kueh and dim sum, shanghai woh teah, GU BAK MI(!!!!!!), kolo mee with gu iu(!!), kampua mee, char siu pau, bak pau, tausa pau, mi jawa, mee pok, ngo mi teng, Hainan chicken rice, hu ngang, kompia, Buntal seafood, tauhu hua, Penang lok-lok, bak kut teh, rojak, satay, apong balik, all the desserts, popia, sotong, panggang.... oooooooh.... I'm going to get sooo huge - again. Oh, oh oh, don't forget steamboat and roti canai, roti telur, murtabak, dhal, the lamb curry in Tabuan Jaya, the laksa in Golden Horses by the 3rd Mile Rounabout, or has it been turned into a fly-over? Ooooohhhh..... food.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

More pressing issues

Since my last blog, I have remembered other breeds of dog such as the otterhound, pekinese, pomeranian, norfolk terrier etc etc. However, today is not about dog breeds or horse breeds or dolphin breeds. More pressing matters are at hand...

When will I be able to do the splits? or the cartwheels? Sarah and I watched a programme on TV yesterday where teachers at the Cheltenham Ladies' College had to learn how to do the can-can akin Moulin Rogue. Now I'm trying to get my ankle past my ear.

Pressing matter two. Is Gwilym going to don his welsh football shirt to church again tonight in proud declaration while the rest of us sit in beaten enthusiam?

Pressing matter three. Do I REALLY want to become the next editor of King's Bench? Since my first year, I assumed it would automatically go to me as I was there from the rebirth of KB. Unfortunately, I now have to line up with the commoners and submit an application form as to why I want the post. If it had flowed smoothly on to me without fuss, I would have accepted graciously, knowing that we all knew that I was going to be the next-in-line. However, as even the royals are dubious as to what they can and cannot do, and what they should and should ot do, mindless of law and convention, that scene is now without expectation. The question now is, do I really want to fight for a post that I know will take up quite a bit of my time and energy? Do I want a post so I can stick more dots on my CV? Do I believe in what it stands for, that it can be improved and that it can make an impact on Kings? I have to submit my application soon and am slightly disorientated about whether I should go for it or not. This time last year I would have gone out on a limb to secure the post. In fact, when I first saw Holty, I didn't know we were going to be friends, didn't care whether he featured in my social circle and certainly didn't assume he was a fellow Christian. All I knew was that I wanted his job when it came to my turn. I thought that I would have the job this year as Natalie and Nick moved on to their third year but they wanted to hold on to their posts and I developed other interests outside getting what I wanted. This year, my 'turn' has finally arrived and I'm not interested... I wonder if it's apathy? After 5 years of active pursuit of those dots in my CV, it seems strange to me that I might not be involved with a newspaper or magazine at all next year. I still do not know whether it's the 'job' for me anymore. I've wanted it so much, dreamt about it, arranged my schedule around it, focussed on things I could do after it, that when it is standing in front of me as it is now, I do not know if I want it anymore. Maybe I should ask if the Blurb needs anyone or maybe some canine magazine. Ahhh... stop the press.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

87 breeds

I have decided to list all the dogs I know by heart!!! The list is not necessarily in the order of preference. (edited) In addition, see the asterix * to indicate the dogs I favour.

Belgian sheep dog
Scottish deerhound
Irish wolfhound
Scottish terrier
Bull Terrier*
Standard Bull Terrier
Bull Mastiff
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Pitt Bull Terrier
English Mastiff
Spanish Mastiff*
Great Dane*
Great Pyreenes*
Basset hound*
Alaskan Malamute*
Siberian Husky*
Afghan Hound
Irish Setter
Gordon Setter
Golden Retriever
Flat-coated retriever
Shih Tzu
Australian Silky Terrier
German Shepherd*
Finnish Spitz
Japanese Spitz
Chou chou
Italian greyhound
Miniature greyhound
Standard Poodle
Miniature poodle
Toy poodle
Anatolian Karabash*
Chinese crescent
Bernese Mountain Dog
Welsh Corgi
English Corgi
Daschund: flat-coated, wiry, smooth
Collie: smooth, rugged*
Bearded Collie
Pharoah hound
Ibizan hound
Kerry blue
Giant Schnauzzer
Fox terrier: wiry, smooth
Shetland sheepdog
Cocker spaniel
Charles Cavalier spaniel
King Charles spaniel
Clumber spaniel
Welsh Springer spaniel
Yorkshire terrier
Bishon Frise
English bulldog
Rhodesian Ridgeback
St Bernard
German Pointer
Neopolitan mastiff
Hungarian Vizla
Otter hound
West highland terrier
Jack Russell Terrier
Border terrier
Border collie
Dandie Diamont

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

#Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!#

It snowed last night! I was talking to Carly on the phone and suddenly I saw that it was snowing quite heavily and I started shrieking for Elena (while still on the phone to Carly) to come and see it. Took loads of pictures in the garden, with snow on the ground and snow on the trees and on the leaves and in my hair and down my neck. Not satisfied with taking photos, I rushed round to the boys place to entice them into a snowball fight. Tom answered the challenge and he, Elena and I started to scoop snow off broken fridges lying around, rails, off the top of wheely bins, stone walls, the floor... Elena and Tom disappeared round the block somewhere chasing one another with snowballs but by that time my ickle hands were so frozen, I could have stunned a decent-sized fish with it. Snow is soo cool. The ice that remains is not at all romantic though and the slush that follows is a downright hassle but before that, awwhh, the snow.

More than a year

It has been more than 3 years since I set foot in London, more than a year and a half since I set foot in Kings. And much has changed.

Friends I used to know have moved on in life, family I used to know have moved on from life. Things I will have to face when I go home, things I will leave behind when I arrive. Memories that might have been if I had stayed on, what ifs that would have never been if I never left. People who could have influenced my decisions in the future, people who now influence my decisions for the future. Not that I cherish my friendships any less, but at the end of the day, I might not have the joy of knowing people I know now had I not left and I have lost time I might have shared with others because I did. Jesus is the only person who would have been there , who is there, who is here, through the what ifs and the maybes, the possibilities I am oblivious of and the shut doors I am denying are shut.

Things have changed and things will change. People will come and impact my life and people will go. Experiences will be enjoyed and experiences will be forgotten. Knowledge will shine and knowledge will fade. Only the word of the LORD stands forever. Only the joy of the LORD is my strength. Only the rod of Christ Jesus is my guide. Only the blood of Christ is my ransom from death. Only and only a relationship with God satisfies.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day

I received... a cup of tea, a bag of clothes, a new hair cut, a thank you card, a whole sphere of Terry's orange chocolate, lunch, dinner and a Tesco value Valentine's Day card.

This time 3 years ago I wrote an article about Valentine's Day, ridiculing the amazingly cheesy adverts on TV and rolling my eyes at starry-eyed, loved-up couples on the street. Although I still hold to the idea that Valentine's day should be every day (if we celebrate it at all - Elena told me that V-day was about some guy called Valentine who married couples during the war and was executed for it), that not just 'significant others' but also friends can benefit from the 14th of February and that Jesus should be our number one valentine (can we ask for any greater love, any greater sacrifice or anything greater at all?), nevertheless I am proud to say that I am less cynical about couples mooning over steak and champagne. I even miss the mushy adverts that did not live up to soppy hearts, roses and kisses expectations this year. Since arriving in London I have had to get used to PDA (Public Displays of Affection) or in my case, Potentially Dangerous Accidents. I remember one time walking head first into a library door in sixth form because my eyes forgot to leave the hulla-balloo going on in the hallway. Another time at a friend's house, I had chilli 'juice' all over my eyes because I automatically put my hands to my eyes (or my head in my hoody if I am wearing one) when I see people tonsil wrestle on TV.

On to other news, I got a new haircut and I think I look like a rocker from an 80s comic strip :) All I need now is some leather and piercings.

Monday, February 07, 2005

What Debbie did next

Went shopping in LUSH on Saturday (only the best bubble bath/ soap/ shampoo/ face mask etc shop in my world). Bought, among other things, bath bombs, cinammon and orange bath bars, chocolate bath slices, crumbly blue and white bath soapy stuff. Should come up smelling like a fairy :)

Spent Saturday afternoon with Daryl. We went to the Vine, a Christian 'cafe' in Covent Garden and chatted over 1000 calories of Divine milk chocolate and ended up holding a mini conference for two about chocolate. We then went to Chinatown ( and on the way I bought 18 peacock feathers) where Daryl bought lots of vegetarian meat; cuttlefish, chicken, abalone... I felt so at home in the Chinese supermarket :) I wanted to buy some Chinese decorations for Chinese New Year but everything was too expensive for my liking so I gave it a miss. I saw a dress in a shop window that I quite liked so we went in but true to my nature I skimmed over the racks and decided I didn't like anything there so we left. Round the block Daryl commented that he saw a few nice things in there that he thought would have suited me. Think. Okay. Back to the shop, this time, letting Daryl lead through a maze of hangers and wires. I would have stomped (like an elephant) through 3 shops in the time it took him to choose me 2 outfits but then I'm not a connoisseur of fine clothing. I really did like the stuff he chose even though I would have never chosen them myself and more importantly, I bought them(!), one of which is a slinky black dress that both Elena (housemate and prayer coordinator at CU) and Sarah (housemate and small group aka Bible study leader) approve of. Note to myself, bring Daryl shopping the next time I need some fine clothes.

I had to leave Daryl after we went shopping cos I had to go home to get ready for Katie's birthday party. I very nearly didn't go to Katie's because on the way I had to stop outside Tiger Lil by Clapham Common and the mouth watering aroma of seafood wafted through the air from Tiger Lil to my gastric nodules (if I have any and if that's what they're called) and caused hunger pangs to strike. But I did go to Katie's in the end and played Cranium (who or what on earth is a Nellie the elephant??!!??) and ate pitta bread.

Woke up early on Sunday cos I had to teach Sunday School. It was all about Jesus casting out demons from a man into a herd of pigs. I practised making dying + drowning pig noises the night before, which the kids appreciated %) <-- that's meant to be a woozy face.

Went to Tesco with Elena in the afternoon and cleaned their shelves of sweet and sour sauce. It's going to be sweet and sour gourmet :)

Monday morning (today): woke up at 5:30!!! Washed my hair, had roast chicken and mashed potatoes for BREAKFAST, then went in to work for a 6:45am shift. I will be here til 11:30, after which I shall sidle over to the Strand for Servant Evangelism, followed by a break til 4pm when my Moral Philosophy is due to begin. 6pm go home. Tonight Priss and Luke will be having a dialogue supper. hope things go smoothly.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Free flakes

We had to chuck out Cadbury Flakes today because they were past the expiry date. Naturally, quite a lot of them found their way into my bag - I've had 3 already :) yum! At 180 cals each, I am allowed 6.666 bars a day, without anything else to fit into my 1200 cals a day regime. I think I'm getting slightly obssessed about my food intake. I remember a time when I was 16 and thought to myself, "If babies can survive on just milk, why can't I?" and so began my one-week-milk-only diet. I had every flava' of milk that week. Coffee, chocolate, strawberry, orange, mocha, fresh, full cream - yum - all of them.

I was trying to explain to Elena why I wanted to go to live in Mongolia (forever). I mean, is there a more beautiful place in this world? Really? I first saw one of the nomadic tribes in Mongolia on TV a few years ago and fell in love with it immediately. Probably something in my blood. Probably because I saw one of the men rope a wild stallion and ride a wild camel. Where are the men more like men (or to be fair and I have to admit, rather pretentiously, my 'type' of man)? Where is the terrain more rugged? Mongolia is not as spiritually dead as, let's say Japan, even though it's far less modern and much more difficult to cover. Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow...

Breaking the Da Vinci code was on last night on C4. Based on the book by Dan Brown, Tony Robinson, travelled to many parts of France and Britain, uncovering facts and exposing fiction. I am pleased that it was quite well presented and was not totally one-sided, favouring Dan Brown's theories and 'facts' immediately, which I must say is as shallow as a puddle on a dry day. I get really worked up whenever people try to disprove the Bible although I'm confident that the truth will not be hidden. I think whoever wants to have a real good chat to their friends about the Da Vinci Code could (as opposed to 'should' even though it's a really good book) read the Case for Christ by Lee Strobbel. However, I think that Mary Magdalene has been misrepresented by 'the church.' I put it in inverted commas because I'm not exactly sure which part of the early western church branded her a whore. There are so many Mary(s) featured in the Bible that their roles and appearances in the Bible can be mixed up. Elena and I briefly looked through the Bible last night and did you know that there were not one but two incidences where women poured perfume on Jesus' feet.

Luke 7:37-38, "When a woman who had lived a sinful life in that town learned that Jesus was eating at the Pharisee's house, she brought an alabaster jar of perfume, and as she stood behind him at his feet weeping, she began to wet his feet with her tears. Then she wiped them with her hair, kissed them and poured perfume on them.

John 11:2, "This Mary, whose brother Lazarus now lay sick, was the same one who poured perfume on the Lord and wiped his feet with her hair."

Mary Magdalene is never featured as a 'disciple' ie one of the twelve, which is something many read into Leonardo Da Vinci's picture of the last supper.

Luke 8:2, "...and also some women who had been cured of evil spirits and diseases: Mary (called Magdalene) from whom seven demons had come out;"

I have to go but if anyone wants a nice long chat about it, buzz me and let us encourage one another in the truth :)

Thursday, February 03, 2005

A Change of Perspective

Tom beat me by 9 runs in cricket yesterday so now he's on top in the leaderboard. I can only officially challenge him this Friday but hopefully Jamie will knock him off before then. Friday also happens to be Katie's birthday and prayer supper day. I will be going out on the town on Saturday, only I don't know where yet and will also be doing my laundry... maybe.

I rearranged my room-ish last night after RML. I thought I needed a change of perspective. So I'm going to have my hair cut (I did not manage to get my hair cut yesterday and at this rate I'll probably get it done next week), wear glasses and change my environment. Great expectations.

My friend Mun just told me that the abbreviation for my website is W-I-M-P. Need I say more?