Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Merry Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS... a little late but late's better than never.

The days have flown by since my house was emptied of all living organisms except Mavis the plant and Sarah's plant in the kitchen and the plants in the living room... and me. First Sarah left, then Elena... we opened our presents before Sarah left - had a pancake breakfast. Did I mention that already? Yes? No? So the days have passed by quickly and I have been, as ever, busy; am in the process of:-

1) Knitting another scarf (for myself for a change),
2) Reading up for Moral Philosophy (The Philosophy of Religion, The Puzzle of Ethics, Ethics, Aristotle, Pooh and the Philosophers...). Among questions I have asked myself include did Rebecca's Looooeee's (loose.. hehehe p/s I don't don't how to spell her name) vulgar antics with the pig in some Five programme generate enough happiness to the greatest number? This is in keeping with Kant's viewpoint. Mills also says something about pigs...

Let it be known that I have been at Sean's for the past three days, faithfully studying :)

3) Finishing all the bananas in the house before they expire - have had almost 3 bananas a day for the past week.

I can't think of anything else now cos am in an Internet cafe, am hungry and want to go home to Giant Rump of Steak.

I can't wait for the term to start.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I nearly fell out of the bathtub

A whole week has passed since my last blog because I have been living in the real world a bit more :)

It has been a somewhat trying week, with God pitching His golden curveballs my way; very fast, very heavy and enough to make me feel slightly winded. However, I believe He has allowed me to go through certain things/ experiences/ issues to encourage, to guide, to rebuke, to nurture and ultimately, to make me more like Himself. The whole week is still a bit of a haze and I'm not going to go into details 'just because' (and because I don't think others need to know) but thank God as He works in your life every day through every situation through every person around you.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Christmas cards

Am going to post my Christmas cards off today!!! Polar bears and seals in snow are the main themes going out, except for my brother who gets a dog cos it doubles as his birthday card as well. RML tonight and more good food (hopefully).


The day that's too far away, Saturday:
Met up with Carly, Lauren and Daniel. Went to Schmoward's in Mile End. Waited 10 minutes outside cos Schmo had gone shopping. Had sandwiches for lunch - I had chocolate spread and chicken slices in the same sandwich. Gourmet! Went to Canary wharf to watch Enduring Love. DON'T WATCH IT. I had to take a painkiller half way through. Really, really. Cleverly done, technically interesting but very disturbing. When the two guys kissed at the end, even when I covered my face with my moversized jumper, it was so loud, it reminded me of a plunger down the sink. That's the last time I trust Jonathan Ross. Carly and Daniel went home at this point. The rest of us, including Iain, went back to Scmo's. He prepared Lancashire hot pot. We watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon whilst waiting. We needed something to calm our frazzled nerves after watching Enduring Love. Enduring indeed. Mick came round and his dog Jade, too. About five times he visited us that day (and night). And we had the most delightful chat about dogs and dog species and how loyal dogs are and more doggy chat. I'll remember to bring a treat for Jade the next time I go round. by the way, Schmoward's Lancashire hot pot is amazing although i wouldn't put the kidneys in personally.

The day before yesterday, Sunday:
Sunday school early in the morning. Charlie nearly tore my 12 foot long scarf in two cos I used it to entice him to his seat; a bit like enticing a kitten with a piece of wool. Saw Holty's parents again. Told his mum about the pancake shop in Holborn - have been telling quite a few people about it. His dad commented that he (himself, not Holty) looked like a badger cos of his hair. Funny. Back to church in the evening.

Yesterday, Monday, 6th December 2004:
Woke up at 9am. Ate breakfast and started my essay - problem question on overreaching, joint tenancies and tenancies in common and trusts of land - at 10am. Entertained Sean and Joe briefly while they waited for their very nice lunch (which I didn't partake of) to heat in the microwave. Returned to my essay and FINISHED it at 2pm; 1,860 words! Very satisfied. Handed it in. off to Covent Garden to 'celebrate' my finished essay. Bought a Wild Cats calender. I think I have about 3 of them now. Round to Tara's an hour and a half early to wait for the rest of my small group. They arrived an hour and a half later. Starving, we went to Nandos in Camberwell. Found out theat we had chosen a night that they had chosen to shut early; they were going to have THEIR Christmas party. Forget the customers, we want to have fun. So we were chucked out unto the streets clutching to our bags of take-away Nandos. With no where else to go, we decided to go back to Sarah's (and moi) place. I finished the chips at the bus stop and my spicy rice before we boarded the bus. Did I mention that I was hungry? Filled myself up with chicken on the bus and was full before we got to Oval. Oh, I also did laundry in the afternoon, which I remembered to get from the washing line at about 10pm. before going to bed, I stuck up my new found pictures on the little space I have left on my wall.

Today, the day before tomorrow:
Had cous cous and left over Nandos for breakfast. Washed up - I hope to maintain a good habit of washing up immediately after I munch. was going to meet Sonia at 2pm but was rearranged later for 2.30pm at Waterloo. My memory is slightly hazy as to what I did between breakfast and seeing Sonia... Oh wait, I read my Bible and wrote out more of the Psalms and showered and had a ginger nut biscuit for lunch. Had a good chat with Sonia about the Bible and commitment and trusting God and God's sovereignty, among other things. Will be going to International cafe for what I hope will be healthy food. after that CU; Paul Mayo is 'preaching' tonight. Quality street.

Friday, December 03, 2004


It's Benson's birthday today and he's 21 years old in doggy years. I bought him turkey giblets and Ernie let me make a right fuss over my doggy-woggy love. I always happen to wear black whenever I see Benson and he's white and stinkeee and gets his fur all over me... :) He's sooo cute and 'meaty' and chunky so loads to hug and gaga over! So I bought a lint remover at Tesco. it even has little cat and dog silhouettes around the sides. Now, Benson can 'hup' all over my winter coat and it wouldn't matter one bit. I'm also going to see Max after term ends cos I've got a Christmas present for him. Another stinky pooch :p

Worked hard yesterday so treated myself to Beauty and the Beast. It just keeps getting better.

The end of the year is almost over and the McCheyne plan is almost done. To those of you looking forward to completing the course with me, it has been a journey worth taking.

Nothing much left to say. Just wanted you all to know that Benson is well :) hehehehehe.

Sweaty gym men and others

I am glad that I do not work in a gym. My brief stint - rushing through the gym 4 times with large bags of trash - was more than enough. It's not just the sweaty men who never seem to get clean even after they shower (or do they?). Watching them work out from the corner of my eye, I nearly buckled, not necessarily caused by the lack of oxygen but more the inward laughter that traveled from my failed-to-be-hidden grin to my leg muscles, which could already hardly keep up. Shorts which were too short, shirts which were too thin and unventilated and crusty looking socks can certainly damp down one's appetite.

The Gingster (sandwich) man asked me for my phone number and I nearly gave it to him when he promised me a sandwich of my choice. Reminiscence of the Bible story where Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for red stew. A Turkish man (he said he was from Turkey) randomly invited me to have coffee with him while I was waiting for Daryl last Sunday and I very nearly panicked and was watching the stairway for Daryl who could chase away this unwanted guest with just one look. Unfortunately, he wasn't anywhere to be seen so I turned back to the Turkish man, put on my very best wide-eyed 'I don't know anything' look and insisted with the stubbornness of a begrudging mule, that I wanted to stay put and read my 'What is an oyster card?' leaflet. He eventually left and I breathed a sigh of relief. I had been prepared to scream the place down if he had tried to weasel me out of the station. After my encounter, I positioned myself right in the way of a CCTV camera.

I have been downloading cases the whole day and after dinner tonight, I shall start on my reading for tomorrow's property seminar. I shall see Schmoward on Saturday with Carly.