Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Too eager

I rose at... 6.35AM!!!! YES (it can be done)!!!!!! Had chicken curry out of a tin (yup, curry for breakfast), a flapjack (there's always room for dessert) and a cup of tea and sat down to study Trusts. Several pages of Hayton, Penner and taking notes later, the usual morning routine of shower, change and run commenced. I arrived 5E for Tax beaming, until I realised there wasn't a soul in the room. Uh-oh. Did I get the wrong room? Quick, check the timetable... no, right room. However, after more careful observation of my timetable, I realised that I had arrived too early. An hour early - that's what. Ahh, there is such a thing as being too eager. I shall be working later in Waterloo - I think I need to put more hours into it so as to boost up my funding. Might try pencil my name in for a few more hours next week as it is reading week. Reading week! It seemed like yesterday when reading week was aeons away. Oh well, I have homework due in so it's not going to be a do-nothing-and-sleep week.

Besides work, homework and church activities, I need to get Alex in to put up brackets for my bookshelves. I initially wanted bricks and actually went to lengths to find out how many bricks/ the best type of brick I needed. Dense block, dense block with hole, dense block with 2 holes, red brick, grey brick, charcoal blocks, bricks that can be painted, bricks that can't... quite interesting stuff really. Thing is, the bricks I needed/ chose would have cost me about 12 pounds altogether and weighed about 15kg each. Would I rather get someone to come in to fix brackets for me for free and wait a while longer or be an impatient I-want-it-now(!) person and pay up and wonder what to do with them later? I chose the former (and chose to wait - it is always good to cultivate patience) and I hope that in a week's time, I'll get my desired bookshelves.

Sarah, Elena and I have taken down the previous tenants' poster of three fingered, jaundice-inflicted people (The Simpsons) and put up a far better poster (subjective) of a mother elephant and her calf.

I did another sily thing this week. I was so fed-up with my skin peeling around my nose/ T-zone/ chin area that I impulsively (can anything good come out of a masochist with impulsive tendencies?) grabbed my nail buffer and buffed my skin away. I can tell you that it hurt. But I just gritted my teeth and imagined all the little flakes of dead skin running for their lives. Here comes the buffer! After my stint of madness, I tried to cover the corpses (of flakes) with moisturiser and ooooh, it really hurt. It was like having (mild) acid poured onto my face. How do I know how it feels like to have acid on the skin? Cos back in 4th form, I poured acid on my hand just to see how it felt like. It wasn't the strongest of acids so I don't have a scar like Edward Norton does in Fight Club but it was inconvenient enough for the feeling to etch itself in memory forever.

The 8 rules of Fight Club;
1. You do not talk about Fight Club
2. You DO NOT talk about Fight Club
3. If someone taps/ faints etc, the fight is over
4. Only 2 men to a fight
5. Only one fight at the time
6. No shoes or shirts on during the fight
7. The fight lasts for as long as it has to
8. If you're new to Fight Club, you have to fight

And on that note, I'm off to Tax law.

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