Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Seize the moment

I'm on my break from working at the Student Union and with a chicken/ bacon sandwich in my digestive tract, the engines are running and I can feel energy surging, if not only momentarily, through my system. Michael (the) Champion - although I would prefer my champion to be my late dog, Buck, who I dreamt about last night - is sitting next to me without realising that I am writing about him. Pink and white striped shirt, tartan tie and... red socks. That's KCLSU's president for you (not to mention body language oozing with arrogant confidence), unless my eyes deceive me and I'm not looking at the good man himself. I wonder (and not for the first time) if I could pass for a spy.

RML tonight but before that work finishes at 3, after which I have to dash to the Strand to ensure the 2 weeks worth of Moral Philosophy notes owed me by a certain Stanton-Ife. I also need an ATHENS password from the Maughan Library to help me get into Westlaw and Lexis to read cases which my beloved coursemates have all done. At 4 I have to meet up with Kate for the audio/ visual thing for Only One life, which I am still not-so-eagerly anticipating. But the challenge breeds adrenaline and right now, I need all the adrenaline my glands can produce to get me through.

Much prayer is needed all around. I will email those I have yet to reply to and shall not send anymore emails to people who tire of receiving them. A CU freshers' dinner at EDS to organise, a make-shift bookcase to make, bills to sort (although Elena does quite a good job doing that), a headache to cure, the doctor to unload, the chemist to reload... I think I need to go cos my break is over.

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