Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Plans for Thanksgiving Day

So, I have emptied my hotmail box of junk and excess mail, finished my shift for the day, had a chicken and sweetcorn sandwich for lunch and am going home to prepare a musaka baked in a pumpkin shell. What next?

I have decided that all my efforts of roasting turkey and baking pumpkin pies should be put to good use and enjoyed on the day that turkey and pumpkin were made to be eaten together - Thanksgiving Day. I have vaguely calculated my American and honarary American guests and I think a 4kg turkey should be sufficient. Do remember that although the turkey is the main course, it shall be served with potatoes, trimmings, gravy, hopefully cranberry sauce, baked yams and of course, pumpkin pie. Yum. It shall be a feast to remember and a feast to cook. I wonder if guests will be willing to participate in a dress up; gothic fat turkeys a la The Adam's Family...

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