Friday, October 15, 2004


Yes! The weekend has arrived and I have my social life packed once again from tonight til... and I believe I deserve it, no? I rose at 6am to study Property today because I was determined to know something when/if the tutor called on me but she didn't and I didn't volunteer :) Was reading some Manual book using my bed as a table and a space hopper as a chair. Might as well breathe some life into studying if I have to do it. Had a quarter of a Ham and Pinapple pizza (Adam's leftover dinner) and a bowl of carrot/ onion/ corriander soup for breakfast. I have only just finished a 3-hour shift and am going home to freshen up and then swoosh off to Kensington for Victoria's birthday. Tomorrow morning I have to buy bricks (or maybe the brick-people will be nice and just give me 20 bricks), tutor my 'homework family' at 11 and after that to Daniel's with Sarah to collect necessary nutrition. A few of us will be meeting at 6pm to go to Daryl's where we shall spend hours of good fun (hopefully watching Jurassic Park and eating yogurt and corriander popodums). Sunday will be the usual and my shift on Monday starts at 9.30am. In between I shall have to prepare for Moral Philosophy - I have not one but TWO lots of reading because my scatter brained tutor decided to miss me out in the distribution of notes. I think the possibility of me knowing anything for the next class is quite minute but I shall relish the chance to try anyway.

It has been a hectic 2 weeks; my brain creaked into action, my internal alarm was murdered and revived (I'm starting to think I might be a morning person after all) and my sensors had to get used to the feel of unfamiliar books, unfamiliar sights and smells... but I think they're pretty settled now and after a round or two of syrup expresso shots, I might be able to produce adrenaline at will, constantly. I made my first latte today so there's more reason to celebrate and I have been eyeing a certain expresso machine should anyone consider an appropriate Christmas present. I have begun my collection of boxes to stuff my presents in and my tiny room will look even tinier still. That said, I need to dash if I am to arrive at Vic's presentable and birthday-ish looking.

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