Monday, October 11, 2004

A londoner?

The weekend has been busy as usual.

Saturday: Went to see my 'family' as I will be their homework helper for as long as I can. My tutees are a 10 year old boy to whom I had to try explain fertilization during our first session - more embarrassing for me than him - and a 16-year old GCSE student. This might be a good opportunity for me to brush up on Chemistry and Biology, not to mention having the chance to share the gospel to him as he is also taking up Religious Education.

A trip to Brixton for affordable retail therapy followed suit. I bought bubble bath from Imperial Lather, heel grips and 5 books; Bridget Jones' Diary, Survival of the Elephants, White Dragon, Chocolate Therapy and Michael Crichton's Terminal Man (I think? It had 'terminal' in it for sure, but whether man followed after, I have yet to confirm). Went to Tesco for lightbulbs and bananas and watched the X-factor with housemates in the evening while Elena made tiger cake.

Sunday: Cleaned the bathrooms - my designated duty for the week, did some reading, talked to my parents and brother, digested some tiger cake, went for Homework Helpers' training and St Helens afterwards.

I will try get some brickes this week to create a makeshift multi-storey bookshelf as I need more space and since my room is so small, the only way I can go is up. Will post a birthday card to my dad after this then go for my 1-2-1. I try get up by 8.30am latest when I don't have to get up til 12 noon and when I need to be in college by 9, 7.30am it is or 7 if I choose to walk.

Over the weekend, I was told, on 3 separate occasions, 3 different things that seemed fairly consistent and pointed towards a need for me to slow down. I was told, not in any particular order, that I was spending too much time in other people's worlds and not enough in my own, that I was worried the world would catch up with me therefore was always in a hurry to be ahead and that I was a typical 'Londoner.' What the last of the three means exactly, I'm not too sure but my guess is the person thinks I am a very busy bee. Something I need to think about? Maybe tonight. But for now, 1-2-1 it is.

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