Friday, October 01, 2004

Kingston today

Sold my books yesterday - but not all of them and I gave the fresher who bought my books a 5 pound reduction of the overall price because he didn't bring enough money. Oh well, sometimes we have to be nice in order to ensure that our species will continue to flourish. I also undertook training yesterday at the Waterloo shop and my formal work begins next Tuesday; stocking, pricing, retail stuff, seling tickets, clearing tables, making coffee are all in the job description. So that's a neat little bundle to help my transport fees along.

Will be going to Kingston in half and hours time with Elena to get her bike for me to use, her book, Ethics for me to read for Moral Philosophy and fabric paint for me to play around with. a little trip somewhere after a hard week's work. The funny thing is that the past week, although seemingly tough and nerve wrecking, is only the beginning. maybe things will get easier once I've eased myself back into Uni 24/7 activity mode. I need to buy books off Holty and might browse Amazon for other Moral Philosophy books I'll need this year. My Tax tutor looks like a younger, blonder Cliff Richard and he (sort of) put Moral Phiklosophy down as one of the less useful law subjects (paraphrasing) so I'm not too sure whether I like him or not. He asked the class why we took Tax and we had to give personal answers. Most people went to great lengths to explain in breadth and depth that they worked in a bank/ law firm over the summer and spoke to many great and intelligent people who told them this and that and that's why they were sitting there. Ooooh.... people like that grate on my already raw tipped nerves. I'm not sure whether they're genuinely so caught up in their airy fairy world of 'I want to be a kick-butt lawyer' or whether they just wanted to make a good first impression on the teacher. From a survey I carried out, first impressions are only 41% correct and even then, personalities change. I honestly speaking, have no idea why I'm taking tax, other than the fact that it was recommended by Monica, I thought I would be taught by her and I knew people who were going to do the course and knew people who did the course so that I could get second hand books off them without working too hard.

It's almost one, I have to scoot cos I need to quickly glance through Amazon and then rush to Waterloo station to meet Elena. So til I see you.

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