Friday, October 08, 2004


Although I'm sure I will enjoy Leslie Turano's teaching, in having her as tutor for both my Trusts and property seminars, I feel that it is my duty to attend at least one or the other a week so as to avoid her noticing that I've been away for a whole week. This is not to say that I will only go to one or the other but there is a sense of obligation that beckons even when one is ill. For example, I couldn't attend Tuesday's Trusts because I was down with migraine. Today I planned on going to see the doc to:

Receive prescription for my migraine,
Get my blood tested (becasue I'm sure I'm plagued with some sort of bacterial infection),
Ask for medication to prevent returning back to a state of the flu (my housemates have finally caught my month-long bug and this morning I awoke to find that I felt phlem in my throat - not again!),
Check out my leg/ spine/ anything that would be the probably cause of my having a limp in my right leg for the past 5 days approx.

The surgery (that's 'clinic' for those not in the UK) opens after 10, my seminar starts at 11. There is insufficient funding in the time bank to go to both so I have decided to go to my seminar even if I might collapse due to some mysterious virus yet unknown to man. Since Leslie is my personal tutor as well, I wonder if it would be a good thing to tell her of my slight hypochondriac tendencies. I say 'slight' because I don't think I'm obsessed by health (else I would eat more greens) but I do think I have almost all the symptoms to illnesses described in almost every medical journal I read. Last year I spent so much time browsing the Internet for fascinating facts to line my brain with and opened the door to imagination overload. I thought I had meningitis (briefly) and pressed a glass onto the surface of my skin (a way of detecting meningitis) so hard over and over again that when I thought I could finally see some purple mark signalling the deadly ill that could rob me of life (oooh... drama queen), it was just me bruised black and blue.

So it's off to seminars on equitable rights vs legal rights and flying freeholds and chattels and annexations and otherwise.

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