Monday, October 18, 2004

Gullible Debbie

Friday night. I was on my way to Victoria's dinner party when a most tragic thing happened - my phone smahed on the pavement. "And how did this happen?" one might ask. I was standing at the traffic lights and pressed the little button with my finger on my right hand to summon the green man but instead of lifting my finger from the button, my brain told my LEFT hand to let go of whatever was in its possession. That happened to be my mobile. Gone. Smitherins. Despite it all, I enjoyed Vic's party very much except for the brief moment when a certain Barney (as in the purple dinosaur but really his name was Barnabas) kissed me on the cheek. All I did was ask for his name again because in the muddle of things, my hearing was slight blurred and so I tapped my ear to indicate that I had failed to catch his name. I expected an answer to a question and got in return something rather unexpected. I froze, as I do and said or shrieked, "What was that for? I asked for your name!" Ahhh... suddenly his face cleared and he recognised the fact that I was not some crazy person asking for random kisses from blatant strangers *shudder.*

Watched Bridget Jones' Diary when I arrived home from the party to cheer myself up over my broken phone. I know this sounds stupid and very unlike me (or maybe very like me, only not the me most of you might know, if that makes any sense) but Colin Firth is yummy. Brown, curly hair is the way to go. Even better when coupled with a melancholic air of near arrogance and long winter coat. Unfortunately, people like that are only good to watch and not very good to be involved with.

Saturday. I had Homework Helpers in the morning (and what I'm about to tell you is very exciting stuff) and I discovered that my tutee is undertaking a study of the book of Luke as his Religious Education for the year. God works in mysterious ways. I was about to tell the mother that I was not sure if I could spend the time with her children after all (and feel rubbish about it afterwards) but after this bit of news, I can't wait to go back next week. Obviously, he'll expect my help in other subjects like Science and English too but I just think that this is such a wonderful opportunity. He also told me that he had never heard about the Christian message before he had to study it at GCSE although he knew that there was a guy called Jesus. The message at St Helens today was about God spreading the gospel through us, his chosen people and I feel so privileged to be part of that.

Homework Helpers ended, I made my way to the Strand where I got myself a new phone. Don't worry folks, the number's still the same but now I have a blue screen, caller ID and Vivaldi's Winter movement of the Four Seasons Concerto - I learn so much living with a music student. I was only supposed to spend X but I spent X, Y and Z because I was naive and thought that the salesman was sooo nice and charming that I should just oblige him and buy loads of side orders, which cost quite a bit. So it is true. A year at Uni and I still get swept away by charming salesmen. What on earth am I learning at Uni??!!?? *Sigh* I really should be more hard-nosed. Those are the moments I find, when I feel I should tighten my grip on reality and lose all namby-pamby notions of romantic ideals and sweet talking gentlemen.

My purchase was followed by a trip to Daniel's place with Sarah, where we got lost - again - and went round and round in circles before finding our way out of a mad maze and into the street where Daniel lived.

Rushed home to wash my hair and preened myself for Daryl's party. Was late but so were a few others and Sonia so patiently waited for us latecomers whilst the earlier party moved ahead. Shot some pool at Daryl's and lost by a ball, had scrummy chocolate pancakes, carrots and Bailey's glide for dinner and played a few rounds of Mortal Combat with JP, Daryl and Holty. Too many rounds later, I started saying silly things like, "Repetition breeds perfection," which if I had won, would ring true but seeing as I lost...

Sunday. Woke up at 2pm after knocking mself out at 3am the night/ day (use whatever you will depending on whether you would like to remain politically correct or otherwise) before. Had just enough time to hoover, clear the living room, consume a banana and a bowl of curry instant noodles with an egg and shower before it was time to go to church. And now I sit here type, type, typing away. I have to rise early tomorrow cos I have to be in at 9.30 and I still have reading to do.

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