Thursday, October 21, 2004

Excruciating pain

I slit my index finger (to the bone) while opening a tin of cornbeef with a fork. After a fairly considerable time, I thought it would be wise to try stop the bleeding but the blood just continued pouring out. didn't want to wake my housemates up so i wrapped my punctured finger is tissue and continued making breakfast. When I heard Sarah get up, I thought it would be a good time to get a second opinion. So I took te wrapping off and briefly thought that my right index finger and left index finger looked slightly different in terms of both colour and shape. Sarah suggested going to see the doctor to which I recoiled. I've never had a stitch on this ickle body even when I sliced half my finger off with a paper cutter when I was a teen and I wasn't about to give in just yet. After a while longer, blood stopped running to my finger - I put it down to fibroginosis etc etc - and I could take a sneak peek into what my finger looked like inside. I looked just about pry apart my skin from the ligamen and could make out a hollow cavity not unlike chicken when I'm stuffing it with butter. I even wondered if I could perform minor liposuction on my finger; after all, there was a hole there already, the hardest part was through. But Sarah (and by this time, Elena) both decided they needed to take charge and insisted I put antiseptic on. It hurt. Very much. I then plastered my finger with an inch and a half long plaster which immobiled my finger. It has been two days now and things like washing one's hair, holding a pencil/ pen and other such things are an absolute chore. I can't even type without flattening other keys as well so right now I'm reduced to typing with my third finger on my right hand - I only use 2 fingers to type. The pain has subsided to the point where I temporarily forgot that I am badly cut and in the duration it took me to change my plaster, I managed to aggravate it again.

Christmas is 9 weeks away, Fern and Philip informed me over This Morning (daytime programme) and I still haven't decided whether I want to go home or not. Should I go to Germany to spend time with Ben or stay in London with the Grinch or to Cardiff to see reindeer or what? When should I start sending out Christmas cards? When should I start making my 'Who's naughty and nice' list? How much should I spend? Should I buy useless presents like an ice-cream maker or sensible socks with the Simpsons on them? Can someone buy me a dog? Or a horse? Or a picture of an animal? Preferably a large mammal - not feline or equine as I have too many of those. JOKING. Sheesh, man.

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