Thursday, October 28, 2004


At this point in time, I have just finished a king-sized Snickers bar and a king-sized Twix for lunch so forgive me if my arguments just bounce off walls and my manner appears, ever so slightly (actually very much) ungraceful.

Mankind can come up with the most patronizing and incredulous excuses for believing in everything and anything except acknowledging the existence of Almighty God (here, I don't consider the whole I-feel-there-is-some-power-out-there as 'acknowledgement' of the Trinity) therefore, God's Truth that he will one day judge the world. Based on what Christians believe about evolution (and I will expound/ expand/ talk more about this further down), I quote someone I talked to today,
"I think that God is so powerful that He could make it all work out in the right way." What she meant to say (surely) was,
"I believe we evolved from primates and possibly am related in some bizzare way to the piece of fish that finds its way as the other half of fish and chips on my platter." How did we come to the topic of evolution?

It's splashed over the news today. A 3 foot tall homo something from Indonesia is the new missing link! Yeah, sure. I'm not that far off 3 foot and I wouldn't consider myself a missing link to humanity. The artist's impression of the said 'link' drew it carrying some dead animal over its shoulders, which had nearly as much hair on its body the human carrying it. Stark naked as usual and looking rather forlorn and primitive. So everyone gathers round this picture and ooohs and aaahs over it. Oh, so THAT's what our ancestors looked like. I'm not saying that the discovery in Indonesia aint human. I mean, in Africa, there's the Baca (I think - I read this ages ago in Readers' Digest) tribe where the tallest male to date is no more than 5 feet tall because they don't go through the 'normal' growth spurt of other teenagers. I went through some sort of growth spurt so I'll just leave you to imagine how short I was before that :) They live in the jungle, have no access to the NHS, don't have the advantage of having supermarkets displaying shelves and shelves of vitamins or protein shakes and oh, get this, there's no Macdonalds to maximise their fat cells. So naturally, given their biological history and surroundings, they are short. If scientists work up such a hoo-ha over size, who's to say that THEY aren't the missing link? Remember the Piltdown man scandal? They found a skull of a human with the jaw of an ape and all the science world went ape over the matter. Finally, the mystery of evolution was in their grasp! But no, it was a scam and a sham, a hoax, some call it. I think it was a result of a scientist desperately wanting to go down in the annals of history combined with (perhaps) a sudden panic attack; it struck him that macro-evolution did not exist! So he placed a chimpanzees jaw with a human skull to try cover his pathetic attempts of inventing a sequence of events in history that never happened. He did go down in the history books alright.

I'm no totally against evolution as a whole. Micro-evolution is plausible; Adam and Eve may not necessarily look like the 'modern' man. For all we know, they could be short, dark and very hairy. God never said he created a tall, wavy-haired, aquiline-nosed, waxed, Greek statue. In fact the 'hairy' gene is more dominant than the 'hairless' gene so if God wanted to populate the earth as we know it today, He would have needed some pretty dominant genes to pass through the human race. So in that sense, we as humans did 'evolve' and change to the many races we are today. However, we descended and developed from human genes and did not, as the other theory (macro-evolution) puts it, go through every creature in history (I'm exaggerating) before reaching human 'status.' Fish did not change into frogs. Frogs did not change into queer hairy amphibians, which then developed into little mammals and giant animals to follow. It sounds more like vegetation colonising the earth rather than the amazing revelation of just being human; hydras, reeds, mangroove swamp, etc. Was Darwin vegetarian?

For arguments sake, imagine that in the far, far future we will morph into crinkly, green creatures with big, pupilless, black eyes and holes for ears (taking an X-Files example, although we can see the same effects in someone on a ship, sea-sick, dehydrated and blacked out due to a pub brawl, which proves that what humans deem aliens is only a representation of the worse they see in themselves). If I ask,
"Why aren't we showing sypmtoms of turning into this alien race?" they will answer,
"Because only one species can survive at a time." If so, how then will we ever make that transition into a more dominant species? We either realise we are changing and ultimately change or we just change overnight. You can't proceed on without having something to start off with. Following macro-evolution's theory, you can't have a frog if the fish didn't slowly change into it. If we all did chnage overnight, I doubt many scientists would back it up as evolution.
"Woo hoo! We are the next species!"

It is easier to sink into depravity than to strive for holiness.

It is easier for people to believe that they came from animals so as to justify their immorality as 'natural instinct.' For example, to explain away a man's infidelity, silly people with doctorates that mean nothing might say that it is innate for a man to want to plant his seed. Which animal they refer to when they mention that theory, is something I would really like to know. Lions, elephants, frogs... fine, that's what they do. But then, they are eliminating the possibility (although we clearly know there isn't any) that we might have descended from wolves or geese, both which do the whole 'til death do we part' thing. Then they will say,
"Oh no, that's not what we meant. We all evolve from different cells to from different creatures so we have nothing to do with lions or wolves." If so, than how can you refer to an animal, point and say,
"It is innate for man..."

Seriously, creation is so much easier to believe.

I have half an hour to get to Tax tutorial so I will continue this conversation when I'm less hyped-up and can think more clearly and am not enraged by pathetic claims that try hide the fact we are all fallen human beings who need to be rescued with silly fish theories.

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