Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Christmas presents

I have been shopping online - the new age of retail therapy. Among other things I have considered purchasing either for myself or for my potential Christmas present recipients, include Revlon's nail care kit, chocolate, a handbook on boyfriend training, a smoothie maker, a head massager, posters, more chocolate, books - How To Speak Dog, the Book of Bunny Suicides and Classic 007 quotes - an 8-knife set series 11300, Hinari style men's grooming pack, Shrek 2 and etc.

It's time I headed home for my cornbeef and rice dinner withe the very strong possibility of a king size snicker bar on the way to the bus stop. Tomorrow morning I'll be off to Croydon to start a two day process of my visa application. I might take either Animal Husbandry or Robinson Crusoe (or both) along. But maybe I should take along something more substantial... like my Trusts textbook.

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