Wednesday, October 06, 2004

5 days notice

This is going to be, in the words of Priss, epic.

I have been away for 5 days - too long by five - and something interesting happened everyday in spite of my being asleep til 4 pm (although not technically, as you will see if you choose to read on) for 2 out of those 5 days. So, throw in 5 days worth of information, a cluttered mind and a woozy head and I'll see what I can rummage around and come up with.

Saturday - Was not feeling well (it is quite strange that not feeling well is nothing out of the ordinary for me for some reason that I do not know except that maybe I do not eat enough green, fibre-like substance known as vegetables). At that point in time, I had spent a week in college; a very minute week it was to be fair, because most seminars and lectures were shortened during the first week and in one instance, the tutor did not even show up. This time last year I was buzzing with excitement. This time round I was fading to the hum drums in my head and found myself needing to sleep but not getting enough. 'Enough' meaning at least 8 hours, which is the bare minimum for me, 10 is my norm. But I rose at 7.30am anyway to sort my laundry. Then I went back to sleep. At 11.30 I pushed myself out of bed again to hang the laundry. 75% into my laundry, the sky decided to let loose so I had to bring it all in and hang it on chairs and bits of wire; I cannot for the life of me recollect their proper technical term. Went back to sleep. Woke up at 4. I had Carly's belated birthday dinner to attend. What not to wear. Peered out into the sky and picked up the nearest umbrella to me just before I left, which if you read on my dear reader, will find that it became my undoing, so to speak. Popped round Joe's to see if he, Sean and Tara were going anytime soon and met his mum cos they were all having dinner together. We're going to ride horses one day although we have yet to set out a date. I'm sure there's tonnes she can teach me. Oh... lovely horses, they smell so good, they smell so fine...
Carly's party. Helped make pizzas, slice mushrooms, clear tables etc etc although it must be said that Carly, Daniel and Lauren all put it together quite well. I bought Carly a belly button ring; very very pretty, if I dare say so myself, with blue crystals and about an inch long. Halfway through I thought I caught a whiff of Daniel - Bold washing powder - but Chris Dudley was standing in front of me, confusing my senses even more. Then it hit me that perhaps Chris used Bold washing powder as well.

Time to go home. It was raining pretty heavily and Holty and I had to catch the tube. I suddenly realised that the umbrella I had brought with me was Holty's cos he had left it at his ex place, which is now my place. Therefore, when we parted to the Jubilee and Northern line respectively, he took his umbrella with him, leaving me to wonder at the possibility of the rain stopping just long enough for me to run from the station back home. No such luck. If anything, the rain the rain came down with a vengeance just as I stepped out of the shelter of the station. Great. What else was there to do but start the arduous journey home. On one hand I was muttering to myself that chilvary was dead in this world but on the other hand, it was his umbrella. Walking down the last stretch of road on my way home, Matt Redman's 'So good to be loved by you' came floating into my mind. One verse stood out at that point in time, "You give me hope like the spring rain." Oh yeah, bucketloads of hope to wash this cynic's pessimistic behaviour out to Timbuktu, which I will have you know, is an actual place in Africa. Hope. So fragile, so necessary. So needed.

Walked through my front door dripping like a wet hen. I say 'wet hen' because unlike ducks, hens' feathers absorb water so they're more apt to be absolutely drenched. I also say hen becasue hens do not like being wet and they appear quite miserable, although one exception to this duck-hen rule would be Mr Scrooge McDuck, who is a duck but looks miserable anyway. Dripped off, settled into warm snuggly clothes, then dozed off. Woke up at 8am the next day. Was supposed to help Sam with Sunday school but something in my head told me my upchuck reflexes (courtesy of 10 Things I Hate About You) were particularly sensitive and that I had temporarily become one of those products which state, 'Keep away from children.' So I rang Sam, apologised and went back to doozyland.

Monday - we're getting there folks! Had my one-to-one with Sophie during which she suggested, to my horror, that I should appear on an audio/ visual presentation for Only One Life to give a 'top-tip' for evangelism. I was clearly sufficiently horrified and right now that is a grey area. What should I do should she ask me again? Had my first Moral Philosophy seminar as well and I can see that this is going to be a subject of intense debate, where I will probably find a comfortable seat, sit in the corner, sponge everything in, go home and think about it, take down personal notes in my brain and write it out on paper to be taken into exams. Aristotle's Ethics and Plato's Republic are among some of the very interesting books I hope to finish reading. Monday night. Should I go to the Law party or trek up to Mile End to collect my Tax law books off Holty, which I really needed? So many questions (the Riddler, Batman Forever; one of my favourite films ever). It took me the whole day to decide. Pros and cons; would I really miss out not going to a party? How desperate was I for those books? Did I want to sort my books out now or could it wait until tomorrow? What would I do at the party?

In the end, I gave Holty a ring and arranged to meet at 9.30am the next day and off to the party I went. Gold dress, blue shoes and purple shawl - and they did match. While at the party, I got some excercise, got to know a few more people and persuaded some freshers that they needed my books. I had long decided before that I was going to leave at 1.30am at the latest and was not going to repeat last year's 3.30am. I left at 12.30 and was in bed by 2.30 after a bowl of instant chicken noodles and a good book.

Tuesday was rush day. After 5 and a half hours sleep, barely enough time to get into dreaming, I had to awake to get to Bank to get my books. Rushed to Bank, waited 15 minutes, got my books and rushed to a bus stop. Waited for half an hour. The 133 had decided to detour that day and I was too immersed in Tax Law to notice. So I had to rush for another bus to catch the 133 on London Bridge. An onslaught of migraine had started to appear the night before and yesterday it reached a crescendo. I quickly emailed my tutor to say I couldn't make it (feeling rubbish doing so because it was my first Trusts seminar and even worse when I discovered that she was my personal tutor as well) and tried to calm my aching head down. About 2 I decided I was feeling slightly better and so went in to work at the Student Union shop for 2.30 until 4 and then I rushed to my Property lecture across the road. Property done, I decided that I was hungry enough to eat so made a move towards International Cafe but stopped to chat to Hazel on the way. When I finally arrived, I discovered that I had missed Sean's testimoney by two minutes but the scones were still there. Took my notepad out to get email adds and one from a certain Albert Joosse threw me off guard. Joose? Juse? Juice? It turned out to be Yow-se and that's NOT 'yowser' as in the expression.

Debating followed after and I snuck out of the door after the last speaker sat down and missed the floor speeches, which are more often than not (although there are exceptions to the rule) wannabe debators who think they can do as well. There is a difference between knowing and thinking. CU was just around the corner and I managed to grab a Twix and a handful of crisps before sitting down. Halfway through singing I felt my head exploding internally and had half a mind (and I really think that I only had half a mind then) to tell Sarah or Elena that I was going home. But I stopped myself because I had promised this guy called David (fresher, religion+philosophy from (?)Bassingstoke) that I would talk to him after CU. So I stuck it out. Pain in the offering (imagine saying that in a very dry and wry manner). Home or not quite. I stopped for Chinese and then we all stopped by the chippy and had our fill back home.

Today I am still, surprise, surprise, unwell. I again have half a mind to go to a doctor but what am I supposed to say? I get tired all the time? I like to sleep? I get erratic migraines? Do you think I have chronic fatigue? I think I'm ill but I don't know what? I have generic training tomorrow - some health and safety instructions ladida and I need to get stuck into my reading. I need to get Peter Singer's book on Ethics and have to ask the law faculty for my ATHENS password and username that I never knew I needed til now but for today, rest and more rest is what I am opting for. Maybe a trip to Tesco and a budget review will be on the books as well.

Now I need to send a few emails, encourage a few people, enquire after various issues and drink more water. That's 5 days notice for you and that did not even include the profound thoughts of little intelligence that I hoo-hum about.

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