Friday, September 10, 2004

You're un-be-leee-va-ble

If I see the phrase 'not yet ratified' one more time... I am, right at this moment, waiting for my results to be posted on the net. Waiting, waiting...

Last night some peeps came round for turkey pie and dodgy instant mash potato that I tried to bake but didn't quite turn out right - should have left it in there for longer. Luckily Wes brought lemon cheesecake and so dessert was sorted. Yum. Joanna bought me host of things from Turkey - I love getting presents - including a gorgeous, blue, 'evil eye' bracelet, Turkish Delights, Turkish spices and an assortment of Turkish tea. We tried the apple tea from my shot glasses - apparently that's how you're supposed to drink it.

I got my rota for teaching Sunday school yesterday and I'm a polar bear! Yayyyyy! The Sunday school teachers are divided into groups and those teaching the 4+'s are polar bears. Polar bears are sooo cool. They're so big and pretty with their black eyes and nose and they swim and eat seals. I want a poster of a polar bear now. I actually bought polar bear Christmas cards early this month so perhaps it was a pre-whatever thing that I was gonna be a polar bear too! Hahahahaha.... I'm a polar bear, I'm a polar bear!

My cough is still rampant and I've gone through about 3 packets of Strepsils in the past 2 days - even while I'm asleep. The flu's simmered down and I can hear again - sort of. Maybe I've got a furball down my throat. Maybe ants are building empires in my brain. Maybe a spider went up my nose and is webbing in my windpipe.

I'll be seeing Jude at 2.15, then to Joe's to welcome a fresher to Kings. Freshers' week is sooo soon. Free food everyone! Free food! Especially if you're a law student :)

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