Friday, September 24, 2004

You wouldn't believe it...

The darn computer erased my entire blog - all 1000 plus words of it so I have to tell you my story all over again. I'll do it in bullet point form. Aaaaaaahhhhhh.....

I am still sick - not puking sick - just flu sick. It's been a month now since Bertorelli with Dekkie. It's due to a malnourished diet, not enough sleep, a locomotive hive of activity and a hereditary stubborn streak. One nostril has ceased functioning.

The first CU of the year was last Tuesday. I had yummy ham sandwiches and cheese Wotsits. Gwilym asked me if I needed stabilisers for my bike then 'apologised' later - a first for anyone making fun of my (lack of) height. I hope to become one of those invinsible bike riders who can crash into a bus and still live (and without the help of life-sustaining machines).

Last Tuesday I also went to see Jo the whole day to keep her company while she interviewed prospective housemates. Knitted quarter of a new scarf in the process. Hot pink and black. Kissed 2 horses outside the Horse Guards Palace.

Elena has been 'commisioned' to design the new CU hoody. I asked her to use Jonah 2:10 as a pivotal point, "And the LORD commanded the fish, and it vomited Jonah onto dry land." I was clinically sane at the time. Although Elena has yet to create the official CU hoody design, we have decided we are going to make custom-made 'Christian' sweaters for ourselves with plain sweaters and fabric paint with the words, "Save your ass" courtesy of Noah's Ark. Quite crude although it will possibly get the message across thus, not seen as the official hoody motto. Could be the new house slogan though...

Am going to see Law freshers and indulge in free food at Knight's Templer tonight and drag them all to CU. Will probably give them all the flu first but they'll thank me for it later.

Got my timetable for this year. Only ONE 9am lecture, Mondays start at 4pm(!) and 12 hours altogether per week. This means I can start arranging one-to-one timetables, fortnightly fish and chip/ free food at Bertorelli luncheons with various people and my working timetable at Student Union. Tim Macklem is not going to teach me Moral Philosophy :( but something in the air tells me all will be well. My one-to-one leader said I take on too much on board. Should I hire another boat?

Carly's birthday this Saturday so everyone who knows her, text or ring to say HI!

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