Wednesday, September 15, 2004


The cough is still rampant.

I met Pav and James today by pure chance - 2 birds with one stone in a day - and said goodbye to Seneka :(

Helped prepare stuff, serve and wash up at RML Leaders Training last night. The menu comprised mushroom+chicken+sweetcorn with rice and salad and chocolate/ vanilla mousse or fruit. There was only one person I served who didn't eat salad - finally, someone who agrees with me! Washing up was glorious! It's not everyday I get to drown my arms, elbow deep in hot, bubbly, orange-smelling water in a massive sink. In half an hour's time, I've to get my butt back to St Helen's for a session of one-to-one. We're gonna rip through 1 Peter this term, which should be interesting and I can hardly wait.

After one-to-one, I might go to Lewisham to pick up stuff for BBQ and hopefully find a pair of shoes that will last the next year. To bike or not to bike? To bus or not to bus? So many questions, so many options but shouldst I take the road not taken and less I do would it make all the difference (paraphrasing Robert Frost)?

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