Tuesday, September 28, 2004


My 'first' day and I had a dappy looking lecturer and a humdrum in my head - migraine on the attack and an electric drill in the background did not do me any favours in Tax today. People tell me that you can either love or hate a lecturer, namely Leslie Turano. I think I quite like her. During attendance, she was making passing comments to her students in order to help herself remember us - as I do too - and she took one look at me, said "small" and moved on. Cool. I have to go off to the bank later to get money out for Freshers' Ball and put much needed money in. I'm also stalking the streets for unsuspecting first years who would be willing to buy my last year books as a current past time. Will email a fresher who has just buzzed to get a list of books of me and I have just contacted Waterloo for an interview to a position they offered my voicemail during Trusts. My next lesson today is at 4pm in FWB after which, debating will commence at 6 and CU will be served after. Tomorrow morning I get a horrendous 9am followed by a day of shopping and a Spanish Fiesta at night.

I'm so excited that I'm going to be in contact with so many non-Christians this year - so many more than last year. It truly is a privilege to be sent out even if doubts creep in and I falter. Am studying 1 Peter this term for my one-to-one and coincidentally, the teaching at CU this term will also be from 1 Peter. For me personally, the main themes of 1 Peter including our identity in Christ and our call to persevere has deeply stirred and encouraged me and so this double whammy is a most welcome helping of Scripture.

Am off now. Will probably publish more if something crops up but til next time.

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