Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Cheaper by the dozen... and more.

For an hour last night I had the privilege of looking after 12 kids, yes, twelve.


When I was 14, I thought having 12 was a nice number, not to mention a homegrown football team. Now that I've had to care for 12 from ages 5 -11 (plus 2 more ages 14 - David and Hayder - not that I had to actually care for them), I think it'll still be a nice proposition. There are the usual bits and pieces that goes with taking care of a massive brood though. Within that one hour, I had to see Tristan's dad, soothe a tantrum, help Aaron take of his sweater that had seemingly stuck to his body, get used to thundering feet up and down the stairs, put the 'Monica' within me aside, deal with exaggerations of "Jake broke a window!" and made sure they weren't dehydrated from all their playing. I also discovered, after they had all gone home, why men's toilets stink so. Their aims were nothing short of extraordinary. My bed was jumped on so that I wonder why the springs didn't give way and 6 of the kids are significantly bigger than I am. In fact, they thought I was 15.

My head is still a little sore today and I've just met Carly in FWB. Will be going back to hers then to Summerlink tonight. Gave Ernie a huge turkey drumstick to give to Benson and tried to boil rice in a pot instead of in an electric rice cooker for lunch but lack of experience reduced my rice to porridge. So turkey porridge I had.

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